Recent Recruiting Trends Point To OSU Upswing

In looking at the Ohio State roster from a recruiting rankings perspective, the appropriate theme song for the transition from 2008 to '09 could come from The Beatles because I've got to believe it's "Getting Better."

By most accounts, Ohio State is coming off a great four-year run on the gridiron. Pessimists will point to the lack of a national championship and a few stumbles in top-10 matchups, but four Big Ten titles, four wins over Michigan and a program-record-tying 43 overall victories are hard to dismiss.

No matter which way you lean on that topic, there is no denying 28 seniors and three underclassmen will not be back.

However, the cavalry is on the way, according to recruiting rankings.

See what I'm talking about in the latest post on the Cus Words blog.

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