Rea's Day Blog: Woody's Greatest Booster

The blog returns today with a profile of the person Woody Hayes called the greatest booster he ever had. There are also the regular blog features like today's Buckeye birthday and some thoughts on a variety of subjects including the BCS, Super Bowl XLIII and Kurt Warner's candidacy for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

When Wayne Woodrow Hayes was born Feb. 14, 1913 – the same day as Baseball Hall of Fame announcer Mel Allen and former Teamsters Union president Jimmy Hoffa – the baby became the youngest of three children born to Effie Jane and Wayne Benton Hayes.

Mary was the oldest child by eight years and Isaac was two years older than Woody. Mary was an accomplished pianist and studied classical piano at the Ithica (N.Y.) Conservatory. When she completed her studies, she went to New York and found work in vaudeville. She later became a leading lady on Broadway, acting in such hits as "The War Song" starring alongside George Jessel.

In later life, Mary became the first female radio announcer at WMCA in New York and wrote radio shows for several years until her retirement.

Meanwhile, Isaac turned a boyhood love for horses into a lucrative career in veterinary medicine. Woody once said, "The most colorful person I have ever known was my brother Ike. He had three loves in this world – horses, football and family."

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