Surrounded By Family, Bellamy Joins OSU's

Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel often preaches family-like values within his program, so perhaps it is no surprise that Adam Bellamy was surrounded by family members for a signing day press conference. was there and has this report.

AURORA, Ohio – On National Signing Day, it was pretty obvious that the city of Aurora was proud of Adam Bellamy.

After signing his national letter of intent declaring that he will play his college football at Ohio State, the future defensive tackle was the man of the hour during a press conference that kicked off shortly after noon in his school's library. Situated behind a table with a white Aurora helmet featuring an OSU tie draped across the top, Bellamy, his parents and head coach Bob Mihalik spoke of the pride that comes with becoming a Buckeye.

It afforded Bellamy, a player who prefers to let his play do the talking, the rare opportunity to be in the limelight on his own.

"I feel like I was a Greenman and a Buckeye since I gave my verbal," he told "I was focused on the Aurora football season, but I still looked at myself as a Buckeye too since I gave that verbal. I was talking to the coaches all the time and the incoming freshmen. It was a good feeling to know that I'll be somewhere next year and I've already started relationships like that."

Arrayed behind where Bellamy and Co. were seated were 12 predominantly white Aurora pennants while Bellamy himself eventually donned a scarlet OSU hat.

The three-star defensive tackle prospect is just one part of a 25-man recruiting class that has been ranked No. 1 in the country by Bellamy said he is honored to be a member of such a highly regarded group.

"It's a great place," he said. "There's great tradition, but I think the most important thing is the people that I'm going to be around, the coaches and my teammates and the fans in Columbus. It's a great vibe from everybody and it's great to surround yourself with people like this."

His goals are simple: Get to OSU, pick up the system and try and contribute as quickly as possible. He will enroll in summer classes with the majority of the class of 2009.

When he issued his verbal commitment to the program June 10, Bellamy said he realized he was joining something special.

"Yeah, just from the relationship I have from being around these guys on unofficial visits and getting around almost all the guys on my official visit," he said. "It was a great time and I had a lot of fun. Then watching highlight tapes I get tingles down my spine.

"I feel that we've got a whole bunch of good guys and I feel like we can definitely accomplish some great things in Columbus after they have some time with us and mold us into what they want. It's going to take some time and some hard work. I wouldn't want to put in the time and hard work with anyone else but the guys I'm going down there with."

Signing day was a family affair for Bellamy. In addition to his parents, he had an aunt and uncle, two cousins, a sister and a grandmother who traveled from New York for the event.

They are far from the only family members excited for Bellamy, however.

"I have a young cousin back in Boston who's a freshman in high school and him and his buddies watched DVDs I sent them of the games and they loved it, watching all the way up to the state championship," he said. "My uncle was telling all his friends, ‘That's my nephew.' "

The day provided some much-needed closure for Bellamy, who has been itching to officially become a Buckeye after issuing his verbal commitment. However, things will not start to feel different for a few more months, he said.

"My feelings for Ohio State have been strong since I got the offer," he said. "I just can't wait to get down there. I think when I'm actually down there, that's when I'll start feeling a lot different."

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