Joyner Dominates Miami Skills Camp

The camp was part of a tryout for the South Florida Express, a 7-on-7 team that will compete regionally. Joyner's performance was off the charts, as he walked away with the unofficial camp MVP award. Bill Greene was on hand to cover the camp and spoke with Joyner.

A combination of Antoine Winfield and Teddy Ginn?

Outrageous, but that's exactly how I see Miami Southwest star athlete Lamarcus Joyner. After watching Joyner dominate the Badger Sport Skills Passing Camp on Sunday, I now believe he's the best athlete I've ever seen at a camp/combine setting. Lest you think Joyner is just a workout warrior, just wait until we get his most recent highlight tape posted in the next few days and watch him tear it up with pads on.

"I think I did really well today and a lot of other people told me I did great," Joyner replied when asked about his performance at the camp. "I also know I could have done a lot better, and I mean a lot better. I still have a lot of energy even though I took a lot of reps on both sides of the ball. I wanted to keep going, but I guess everybody else was tired after being out there all day."

Joyner worked out primarily as a defensive back, where he was the definition of a shut-down cover cornerback, but also wowed observers by making several great catches at wide receiver. Joyner possesses the ability to separate from a defender at the last second, and was basically uncoverable playing receiver.

"I like playing both sides of the ball," Joyner said. "I caught a few balls today but this team needs me at defense, so I'll play there. I'd prefer to play both ways but that's not fair to the other great players on this team. I love this competition we had out there today. I feel I bring my intensity every time I step on the field, and I don't care if it's flag football, a 7-on-7, or a real game. This was like a Super Bowl out there today and I just wanted to go hard on every rep."

Joyner also explained why he was so excited to compete for a spot on the South Florida Express team.

"I just love football and if someone is playing, then I'm going to be there," he stated. "What else would I do today that would make me a better player? This is a great way for me to get better as a player, as well as the fact that I get to go against the best players in the state. I couldn't wait to get here and I was thinking about this all week. I know some guys were here to try to get offers, but I'm here to make myself better and push myself."

Speaking of collecting offers, Joyner has done a great job of that, as he has offers from most of the top programs in the country, including Ohio State. He spoke of his interest in the Buckeyes.

"I think a lot of Ohio State and they're right up there at the top of my list," he explained. "Ohio State is right there with Florida State, who I've loved since I was a little kid. Ohio State is just a great program, and when I think of them I think about the success they have in putting DB's into the league. I feel I can go there and do just as good, maybe better, than people that have already played there. I've done my research on how they prepare their defensive backs and I also see their roster and who I'd have to compete against."

Joyner has had limited contact with the Ohio State staff and has come away impressed with a few Buckeye coaches.

"I've spoken to Paul Haynes, the defensive backs coach, and he and I hit it off well," Joyner stressed. "I even got to shake hands with the head man, Jim Tressel himself, when he came to my school. Coach Haynes is such a great guy and I like the way he explained the Ohio State system to me. Coach Haynes is a guy that keeps it real with you and I respect that a lot."

Joyner became an internet legend when he caught future Ohio State tailback Jaamal Berry from behind in a game. The tape of that play has been used to describe the closing speed Joyner possesses. Joyner said he appreciates Berry's talent and has a lot of respect for him.

"I would love the ability to go away to school and be able to kick it with a guy like Jaamal," Joyner stated. "Jaamal is a great guy, and a great player, so it might be cool to go up there and start a friendship with him. We've never talked about that, but he and I have a good relationship because we're both about sportsmanship and respecting each other. It was great seeing his mother out here today watching us play."

The Buckeyes will face stiff competition for Joyner's services from Florida State.

"I always loved the Seminoles and my older brother started me on them," he said. "I just remember guys like Deion Sanders and Peter Warrick out there doing their thing. They were always my team growing up. To get an offer from Florida State was basically a dream come true for me. I try not get too excited about the offers to tell you the truth. I would like an LSU offer because they're a great program, but mostly I have all I want."

Finally, Joyner spoke about how he will arrive at a final decision and when fans can expect the announcement.

"Mostly I'm going to follow my heart and go where I feel the most comfortable," Joyner said. "I also place a lot of importance on the relationship with my position coach. I will let everyone know on signing day. I'm going to have a tough decision to make and I want to take all the time in the world. I would never want to lie to any school and have to take back a commitment, so I'll just announce it on ESPN on signing day."

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