Nevadabuck Speaks To BSB Subscribers

It's safe to say that in the world of Ohio State media coverage, there is Nevadabuck, and there's everyone else. Over the past five years, nobody has come remotely close to providing the true "inside" look at the Buckeyes that Nevadabuck brings on a daily basis. Nevadabuck has taken the time to answer questions posed by BSB subscribers. Check to see if your question was answered.

Greene: It's hard to believe I'm actually interviewing you. Nevadabuck: "I understand what a great moment this is for you [laughter]." goosemeister asks: Fold or crumple? Nevadabuck: "Always fold neatly. Neatness is important for accounting purposes."

daddy43 asks: What led you to love Ohio State as you did not attend the university? Nevadabuck: "My late mother worked for the university when I was younger. My passion for Ohio State was fueled and hasn't dropped off at all as I've gotten older."

losu1 asks: If the Yankees continue to spend money like they have will they be applying to Congress for bailout money? Nevadabuck: "I wish most of the companies in this country were as well-run as the Yankees. Their salary structure will actually be less in 2009 than it was in 2010. The new ballpark will increase revenue dramatically, plus the television contract is outstanding."

KentG1982 asks: Besides Miller and Gardner, who are some of the top prospects in 2010 and 2011 that Ohio State is in great shape with? Nevadabuck: "I would look at guys like Christian Bryant and Lamarcus Joyner as two from 2010 that could be difference-makers. In 2011, look at Steve Miller and Chris Rock as two guys who will get offered, and will accept, the way it looks right now."

goosemeister asks: How often do you speak to Archie and Magic? Nevadabuck: "I see Archie every game I attend at Ohio State and we always have a good chat. I was in a business venture with Magic a while ago, and we spoke about that every so often, but not so much anymore. I know Archie much better than Magic."

brownpoundz asks: Nevada, are you a man of God? Nevadabuck: "Does Tressel count as a God [laughter]? I would answer that I am."

TeddyHeisman asks: Will you be at the spring game again? Could I take Bill Greene in a bare-knuckle boxing match? Nevadabuck: "I'm 99% certain I will be there, but there's an outside chance I might have to cancel due to family considerations. Bill Greene would demolish you, trust me."

Pavs38 asks: Who's your favorite current Buckeye that you've met personally? Who's your favorite all-time Buckeye? Nevadabuck: "Currently, it would be Mike Brewster. One of my favorite players from the past would be Will Smith."

Hawk47Kat45 asks: How do you know when to put the === on a recruit? Nevadabuck: "When I have received a couple different confirmations that the player has made his intentions to commit to Ohio State known."

drewhoward09 asks: Who is the best legislator in Washington D.C.? What was your favorite subject in school? What are our chances with Spencer Ware? Nevadabuck: "The best legislator would be Richard Shelby from Alabama. My favorite subject was history. Our chances with Spencer Ware are very, very good."

OSUBuckeye4Life asks: Other than Pryor, what recruitment was the most crazy? After what miss did you decide to step back and take another approach with the === sign? Nevadabuck: "I would say Fred Davis. That one was really, really crazy. After seeing Ben Martin go to Tennessee I decided I needed to get better at this. I no longer rely on people who hit at a 50-60% ratio. The night Martin committed to Tennessee, Bill Greene and I talked for hours about how we both needed to get better at what we do. We decided we would simply NEVER miss again, and for the most part, we stepped up our game to the next level. We KNOW we won't hit every one right, but our performance since the Martin disaster has been pretty satisfying to both of us. We DID get better, just as we said we would that night."

BusNative asks: What is your go-to bar in Santa Monica/West LA? Nevadabuck: "I have to say Voda. That's a great place to go."

no7rws asks: Who's better, the 2008 or 2009 recruiting class? Do you expect 2010 to be similar in quality, but less in numbers? Will Pryor throw for 2,500 yards this season? Point spread against USC? Do the Cavs win the NBA title? Do the Yankees win it all? Do you like the Mangini/Kotinis combination for the Browns? Nevadabuck: "I love both classes, but I give a slight edge to the 2008 guys. I see 2010 to be very good, but only will have around 16 or 17 members. I see Pryor going over 2,500 yards in 2009. I see the USC-Ohio State game as an even game from a betting perspective. The Cavs will not win the NBA title, but should get to the Finals. The Yankees will win it all in 2009. I love the Browns, but I do not like either Mangini or Kokinis."

buckeyeinlakeland asks: How are you connected to the Ohio State program? Why is your word always your bond? Nevadabuck: "Let's say I'm just a huge fan, just like you guys are. My word means a lot to me because that's how my parents raised me from birth."

buckeyes08 asks: How did you get into this business? Nevadabuck: "I was just a paying member for years. I always liked it, but it was frustrating watching so-called "Insiders" trip over themselves, making guess after guess. Once Bill Greene and I formed our partnership, and our friendship, things just got a lot more fun for me. People seemed to respond to what I was posting and it kind of took on a life of its own. I no longer have to pay to be here and that's pretty cool [laughter]."

PocketPresence asks: Who goes and who comes in, in the Ohio State coaching staff? Nevadabuck: "It appears that Nick Siciliano is taking over for Joe Daniels. I have no idea of the time-frame for that move."

drewsus asks: Can you get me a job? Seriously? Nevadabuck: "Anyone can send me your resume through private message. I'm not looking for any employees at this time. I'm mostly concentrating on my restaurant right now."

DocBuc asks: Can you share any recruiting stories that you've been keeping secret? Nevadabuck: "I share everything with you guys on a daily basis that I can post. I do have some secrets, but they must remain that way. I can assure you that Marcus Hall was never, ever, ever going to Michigan [laughter]."

TheKaiser21 asks: How has the business changed over the past ten years? Why did you ultimately stick with Scout after the split? How many insiders have the access that you have? Who shot Kennedy? Who is your favorite recruit you have covered? What recruit had coaches scratching their head during the process? Who's your all-time favorite Buckeye in football and basketball? If you had to root for another team other than Ohio State, who would it be? Nevadabuck: "First off, that's way too many questions from Kaiser [laughter]. This business has changed because of the internet. These kids are so slick at dealing with the recruiting writers. Remember to follow what they do, not what they say. I stuck with Scout because that's where I've always been. I just stayed where I've always been. I have the same username I've always had. Scout has been great to Bill and I, and we look forward to being here for a long, long time. I don't think any other "insiders" can do what I do and have this type of success ratio. I will say that Bill Greene is easily number two in this business. Lone gunman killed Kennedy from Texas School Book Depository. Mike Brewster is my favorite recruit because of how serious he was in building his class around him. Jack Mewhort is another great kid. My least favorite recruit is Mr. Boyd [laughter]. Terrelle Pryor had the coaches scratching their heads the most of any kid. I'm glad to have been the lone voice who never wavered that Pryor === Buckeye. The Jason Gwaltney recruitment was odder than odd. My favorite Buckeyes over the years have been guys like Michael Redd, Mike Conley, Jimmy Jackson, Chris Jent and Jimmy Cleamons. In football, I would say Archie Griffin, Will Smith, Matt Wilhelm, A.J. Hawk, Joey Galloway, Bob Hoying, Eddie George, Orlando Pace, and on, and on, and on. Other than Ohio State, I would root for UCLA."

buckeyebeef asks: I imagine you have some juicy recruiting stories. Will you ever write a book? Are you a former player? Nevadabuck: "If I ever decide to write a book I guarantee you that Bill Greene will be the co-author [laughter]. I was a pretty good football player in my day, but a former Buckeye?

eckleybuck88 asks: Ferrari or Lamborghini? Tressel or Woody? Jordan or Lebron? Would you send your kid to Michigan if he didn't have other offers? Nevadabuck: "Ferrari. Tressel. Jordan. I would never send my kid to Michigan, under any circumstances."

mstevens asks: What is your other job? Nevadabuck: "I'm the proud owner of the Memphis Cafe in Manhattan Beach."

ginnsgone asks: Who killed the following- Monroe, Hoffa, Biggie, Tupac? Favorite pro teams in baseball, football and basketball? Nevadabuck: "Drug overdose. The Iceman. LAPD. Biggie. How about the Yankees, Angels, Browns, Packers and Cavs."

tennbuck27 asks: Favorite golf course outside of Nevada? Nevadabuck: "This is an easy answer. That would be Pebble Beach."

HudsonBuck asks: Beatles or Stones? Coke or Pepsi? Kennedy: Conspiracy or Lone Gunman? Which is your favorite ocean? Nevadabuck: "Beatles. Pepsi. Lone Gunman. Pacific Ocean."

BizzNasty asks: Do you need an intern? Why is Ohio State so low in paying assistant coaches? One player Ohio State didn't recruit, but should have? Who is the most gifted athlete in the Tressel era? Why didn't Jamario O'Neal ever progress in his career? Biggest waste of talent at Ohio State not named Clarett? Your favorite stadium other than the 'Shoe? Did Jordan push off Byron Russell during the 1998 finals? Nevadabuck: "Always need an intern. Ohio State is changing their thinking on assistant coaches compensation for the better. Ohio State should have recruited Ryan Brewer so they could have kicked his [tail] every day in practice. Terrelle Pryor is the best athlete of the Tressel era. Jamario had a hard time transferring great talent in practice to the games, for whatever reason. Not a waste at all, but I always thought Dan Colson should have been a great player. A great kid, but it never happened for him. I love Camden Yards. Jordan clearly pushed off."

drewlaw00Buck asks: What changes should Ohio State make to the coaching staff? Why did you choose the handle Nevadabuck? Most impressive player coming out of high school? Best receiver in 2009? Best defensive back in 2009? Will Sabino be the next All-American linebacker? Sleeper of the 2009 recruiting class? Old Buckeye uniforms, or the new ones? Nevadabuck: "I'd like to see a new offensive coordinator brought in. I love the Buckeyes and lived in Nevada. Alonzo Spellman. Devier Posey. Kurt Coleman. Sabino is good, but it's too soon to say All-American. Dominick Clarke. I like the new uniforms a lot."

mstevens asks:Do Ohio State commits know who you really are? Nevadabuck: "Some of them do, but most of them do not. A lot of the parents know who I am."

cjdjbucknuts asks: Favorite movie? Who sucks more, Michigan or Notre Dame? Nevadabuck: "Citizen Kane. Both suck equally as much, in my opinion."

MIBUCK51 asks: How many people help you dig up information? Are you in daily contact with Jim Tressel? Nevadabuck: "Many, many people help me with information on a daily basis. I only communicate with Coach Tressel telepathically."

osuin04 asks: What is your relationship with the Steinbrenner's and the Yankees? Nevadabuck: "Our relationship is both business, and as personal friends."

jck21 asks: What is the meaning of life? Does the world end in 2012? Do we finally get an offense in 2009 we can be proud of? Nevadabuck: "The meaning of life is Ohio State football. I hope 2012 isn't the end, because that would mean no season in 2013. Finally? I think 2006 was a great offense and I would take that in a minute."

BuckFanForLife asks: All time favorite Buckeye teams, coaches, players? Nevadabuck: "I would say 1998, 2002, and 2006 and 1973, but it's too tough to say. Players would be Archie Griffin, Orlando Pace and Jim Parker. Coaches would be Jim Tressel and Woody Hayes, and any other coaches."

chex1868 asks: How often do the Ohio State coaches monitor these boards? Do members of the staff ask you to leak information to the message board? What do people in general think of Jim Tressel? What coach is the slimiest recruiter? Nevadabuck: "The staff reads this message board every single day of the week. There is no way I could possibly answer that question, but they do get upset when they read things that are obviously untrue. I come in contact with a lot of people that are apart from Ohio State, and they all view Jim Tressel as a class act, and a man they respect greatly. The opposite of Jim Tressel is Nick Saban, but I don't use terms like slimiest [laughter]."

Germaine7 asks: Where does Corey Brown play next year, cornerback or wide receiver? Nevadabuck: "If I had to guess I'd say wide receiver, but nobody knows right now. They need to see him in pads first."

soups asks: What are the key ingredients to winning a championship? Talent, schemes, coaching, schedule, luck, motivation, etc.? Why do you love the Yankees so much? How will the Indians do this year? What do you want to see, or do, before you die? What college program do you respect the most, other than Ohio State? What is most important to you in life? Nevadabuck: "I would say, in order, talent is first, then coaching, chemistry, schedule and luck. Schemes would be last on my list. I used to hate the Yankees for years, as much as I hate Michigan today. After meeting the Steinbrenner family, I found out that they are the biggest Buckeye fans in the world. The more I grew to like George Steinbrenner, the more I grew to like the Yankees. I think the Indians will be pretty good and surprise people this year. I want to see another national championship for Ohio State. I respect USC a lot because of their total commitment to winning, and how they play the game. My family IS my life."

gbuck79 asks: I've heard that perhaps Jim Tressel isn't the greatest communicator in the world. How is really perceived by the players and his assistants? Nevadabuck: "Jim Tressel is who he is. I believe he is a great man, and a very smart guy. Like all of us, there might be things he's like to do over, but I doubt he has too many of them."

iWishtoBeaBuckeye asks: How did you and Bill Greene meet? Nevadabuck: "We shared a bucket of chicken with Aaron Brown at the Texas game [laughter]. Actually, we were probably a little leery of each other when we were posting in the past. We both had the same information so many times, but we had totally different sources. Whenever we both agreed on an issue, but all the other "insiders" disagreed with us, I knew I was right [laughter]. Once we put our heads together, and became a team, we started doing great things. We always said the competition will rue the day we became a team. And they do. Everybody in the media works independently of their co-workers, and there is great jealousy among them. Bill and I work together and feed off each other's success. Seriously, we DID meet before the Texas game a few years ago, after speaking by phone for years. It is a rare day in my life when Bill and I do not speak, trust me."

chicagobucks asks: What is the Nevadaclan monthly grocery bill? Does GrannyNevada have a rocking chair in front of her 48" HDTV? Nevadabuck: "Our grocery bill rivals the gross national product of most small countries. Actually she upgraded to a 60" so she can see everything."

Warfield asks: Does Obama get us out of the recession? Nevadabuck: "The American people will get us out of the recession through their hard work."

beautifulJoe asks: Have you ever wrestled an alligator? Have you ever went on a date with someone famous? What is the fastest you've driven a car? Who is the smartest person you know? What was your greatest sporting achievement? Nevadabuck: "I wrestled crocodiles every now and then. I once dated the lead singer for The Bangles [Susanna Hoffs], but that was many years ago. I drove on the California Speedway one time at a very high rate of speed. I once was able to dunk a basketball. My brother is the smartest person I know. When I was 12 years old, I once struck out all 18 batters in three consecutive games. I was washed up at 13 [laughter]."

Trailrunner asks: What are the last three movies you've seen at the theater? Favorite beer, scotch, bourbon? Nevadabuck: "Slumdog Millionaire. The Reader. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'm not much of a drinker, to be honest.

AmmoBuck: Why doesn't Ohio State recruit in Las Vegas? Nevadabuck: "There aren't a lot of great players in Vegas."

Germaine7 asks: Does Ohio State get sick of the tiring approach to recruiting by the Glenville kids, like waiting until the end to make an obvious choice? Do they get a little tired of kids who make a joke of the recruiting process? Nevadabuck: "Ohio State LOVES, repeat LOVES, recruiting the Cleveland Glenville kids, and they pray for more Glenville kids every day. All coaches find it amusing when the recruits play around with the media. It gets disheartening to get lied to by a recruit, especially when it causes you to lose another player you would have recruited."

ckorom52 asks: Are you FBI, or CIA? Nevadabuck: "Obviously, I'm with the CIA."

Ohiostate2001 asks: Do you prefer sex, or the use of the emoticons? Nevadabuck: "I have to go with the emoticons [laughter]."

Irishguy asks: Did you ever get a Red Rider BB-gun for Christmas? Will we take four O-linemen in 2010? Who will emerge on defense to replace our great seniors? Nevadabuck: "Never got the BB-gun because my mom said it would put my eye out. I'm seeing three linemen in 2010. Look out for Nathan Williams and Garret Goebel next year."

wvcbus08 asks: Would you eat the moon if it were made out of spare ribs? Nevadabuck: "Give me some parmesan fries to go with the spare ribs, and I'm all over that meal. Add in some cole slaw."

ChrisSaboRecSpecs asks: Favorite all-time Michigan player? Favorite all-time Notre Dame player? Favorite all-time win over Michigan? Nevadabuck: "I thoroughly enjoyed watching Steven Threet and Nick Sheridan put on an absolute clinic on playing quarterback last year [laughter]. They're tied for number one Michigan players. For Notre Dame, it can only be the great Jimmy Claussen. My favorite win over Michigan was the victory in 2002 because it propelled Ohio State into the national championship game. That game was huge for Ohio State, and so was covering the four point spread for me [laughter]."

GoodOleBuck asks: Does Ohio State win another championship this decade? How many championships will they win under Tressel? Nevadabuck: "Ohio State will win another championship before Pryor leaves. Tressel will win four national championships in his Ohio State career."

DocBuc asks: Are B.J. Mullens, Evan Turner and William Buford gone after this season? Nevadabuck: "Mullens and Turner are long gone, but I believe Buford is coming back for another year."

CatFan93 asks: Why did Todd Boeckman not progress the way you predicted he would? Nevadabuck: " I believe Todd was hurt by the loss of Beanie Wells, which put more pressure on the passing game. The offensive line struggled early in the year and Todd seemed to lose confidence in the pocket. By the time the Michigan game rolled around, Boeckman was playing really well, and it continued in the Texas game. I don't think Todd responded well early in the year to all the pressure he was under."

krenzel16 asks: Are you a big Ohio State basketball fan? What do you think of Thad Matta? How long will Matta stay in Columbus? Who wins the NBA title this year? Nevadabuck: "I am a huge Buckeye hoops fan. I think Matta is one of the best coaches in the country and I think he will stay in Columbus for a long while. I see the Lakers winning the NBA title this year."

BooBahBuckeye asks: If you wanted me to pray for you, what would my prayer be? Nevadabuck: "Wow, that's a tough question to answer right off the top of my head. My prayer would be for Tyson Gentry to have a complete recovery, and a return to 100% health. Nothing better to pray for in my opinion."

Greene: Thanks for taking the time, my brother. This was the second longest interview I've ever done, next to Mike Brewster. Nevadabuck: "Then we should keep it going, so I can beat out Brewster [laughter]. This was fun but I think I'm pretty boring to read about. Better stick to the Buckeye players."

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