Delvin Jones Adding More Offers

Miami Palmetto wide receiver Delvin Jones started attracting serious recruiting attention after an impressive showing last month at the BadgerSports Skills Passing Camp in Miami. Jones is one of the most impressive athletes in the state of Florida and he's being recruited by schools from all parts of the country. Bill Greene has the latest on this exciting prospect.

To nobody's surprise, Miami Palmetto star wide receiver Delvin Jones is starting to add scholarship offers on a daily basis. Jones, 6-5 and 230 pounds, was one of the most impressive athletes in attendance at the BadgerSports Skills Passing Camp last month in Miami.

Jones, who is also a track star, has a rare combination of size and speed not usually seen in a high school player. His athletic ability tests off the charts, and he could project at a number of different positions at the college level. Suffice to say that major colleges are drooling over this prospect.

"Recruiting is going pretty good for me right now," Jones said. "I've just picked up offers from South Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Michigan and USC. The USC offer just came this week, and I was pretty pumped about that. I like them a lot and I've been hoping they would offer. I didn't take the USC offer though, and I'm still looking at a lot of other schools."

Ohio State has recently contacted his high school to inquire about Jones. The Buckeyes are awaiting game film and a copy of his academic transcript, as they ponder whether to offer Jones.

"Ohio State has been at my school a few times because they recruited Jaamal Berry," he said. "I like Ohio State a lot and they've talked to my coach about whether they're going to offer me or not. I should hear something this week. I'm going to go up to the Ohio State spring game with Jaamal in April. Jaamal tells me how great it is up there, so I'm excited to get up there and see what they have. I like the idea of playing with Terrelle Pryor and with Jaamal. If Ohio State decides to offer me, I would definitely consider them very strongly. The though of going to school with Jaamal is pretty cool to me."

Jones also indicated that leaving the state of Florida to attend college is a real possibility.

"Distance won't be a problem for me at all," he said. "I like Florida State and Miami, but they haven't offered me. I'm going to look at all the schools and make the best decision for me. I will go where I feel most comfortable."

Jones is such an intriguing prospect that he could end up playing a number of different positions at the college level.

"I think I'm an offensive player, to be honest," Jones said. "A lot of schools are recruiting me as an athlete. Some are saying defensive end, but I'd rather play offense. Either tight end or wide receiver would be fine with me."

He is also fairly certain of when he will be making his decision public.

"I'm pretty sure I will know where I'm going by the end of summer," Jones said. "I will want to get this settled before my season starts so I can just concentrate on having a great senior year."

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