Robiskie Takes Steps Toward NFL

Brian Robiskie has improved his draft status following the end of his Ohio State career. Read on to find out how the receiver has tackled the leadup to the NFL draft and what's next for the former OSU captain.

Brian Robiskie has taken his post-Ohio State football career one step at a time. Fortunately for the 6-3, 209-pound receiver, he has developed a confident stride as the NFL draft approaches in April.

Robiskie has garnered the attention of scouts starting with an impressive week of practice leading up to the Senior Bowl in late January. Following that performance, Robiskie had an impressive workout at the NFL combine. Then, in the latest step, he improved on his 40 time Friday afternoon at Ohio State's pro day.

"I just think I really looked at this offseason as a long process that I'm trying to build on my last performance," Robiskie said. "I think from the Senior Bowl to the combine I tried to take a step forward. Then obviously today I tried to build what I did on the combine."

Robiskie told reporters he ran a between a 4.46 and 4.48 40-yard dash on Friday. That is a slight improvement from his time in Indianapolis. Robiskie confirmed that he will have private workouts with several NFL teams in coming weeks, but he declined to name them.

After an impressive combine performance, Robiskie said he felt no pressure to make another statement on pro day.

"I just knew I had to build on what I was doing," Robiskie said. "At this point, you don't want to take steps back. You want to take steps forward and continue to improve on what you've done. I feel I was able to do that today."

Robiskie has been projected by some as a second-round pick. analyst Chris Steuber has the Cleveland native going to the New York Giants with the 45th overall pick.

Robiskie's size created the biggest question scouts had about him: Does he have the necessary speed to be a NFL receiver? Robiskie said he hopes he answered it.

"I knew there were some questions coming into the process, and I think that the way I've looked at it is that at each phase I've tried to answer some of them," Robiskie said. "Between the Senior Bowl, the combine and pro day, hopefully the number of questions people have has gone down."

Now Robiskie will await his draft fate.

"I think at this point, we've done everything we can," Robiskie said. "I know between me and Marcus (Freeman) starting at the Senior Bowl, and then working our way to the combine and here at the pro day, we've done all of the steps.

"I know there's some small private workouts and other things we're able to do, but this is kind of the culmination of everything we've done. This is bringing everything together."

While Robiskie waits for the April 25-26 NFL draft, he will have the benefit of the advice of his father - Atlanta Falcons' wide receiver coach Terry Robiskie.

"I think the biggest thing he told me is to not worry about (where he will be drafted)," Robiskie said. "Just sit back and know you've done all you can do. Just relax and enjoy the day with your family and see what happens. Being that he was in that situation (when Terry was drafted in 1977) and was sitting there and going through some of those same things, the biggest thing he said was to relax and let things fall as they may."

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