Hurst Contemplating OSU Visit

Offensive lineman James Hurst has offers from around the country pouring in, one of which is from Ohio State. The four-star prospect from Indiana said he was happy to add OSU to his list and he is going to try to make it to Columbus for a visit before he cuts down his list.

James Hurst has become one of the hottest prospects in the Midwest thanks to an offer list that has topped 20.

But the offensive lineman from Plainfield, Ind., had to take notice when one of the offers that came in was from Ohio State for the simple fact that the Buckeyes aren't known for offering just anyone.

"Everything they do there is on a plan," he said. "From my impression, they don't go and offer everyone in the nation. They are selective. The program over there is disciplined, so I guess it's tough for them to make many mistakes."

"Looking around at all of the other prospects, you don't really see Ohio State with a check next to them in the offer box."

Hurst, who boasts a 4.27 grade-point average, says that Ohio State is a serious contender for his services after getting the offer.

"They are," he said. "It's a quick drive away from me, probably two or three hours, so I definitely see myself taking a visit. I've talked to the coaches about taking a visit and maybe watching a spring practice if that's when I can make it or maybe some other time."

A visit to Columbus would help Hurst get to know the program, as the 6-5, 271-pounder said he doesn't know much about Ohio State other than watching some games in the past.

He first started getting interest from the Buckeye coaching staff a few weeks before getting the offer in late February.

"I had been in contact with the coaches for probably two weeks before the offer," he said. "When I got the call I was real excited. It's one of the top programs in football and it's a really pretty campus from what I've heard. It was just really exciting for me."

Previously, Hurst has talked about how he enjoys the style of football in the SEC, and he said location wouldn't be a factor, especially with his brother Nelson already playing at Mississippi State.

A number of visits taken so far include trips to places like Notre Dame and Mississippi State, and he plans to visit SEC country near the end of March.

"It's kind of been a fun ride," he said. "There are some days I wish I could step away from it all, but other than that I just try to enjoy it. I get to see so many colleges from across the nation. How could you not have a good time with it?"

The four-star offensive tackle laid out the factors that will go into his decision.

"I think one of the big things is their campus and the atmosphere around the town," he said. "Another one would be my relationship with the coaches and with their offense that they're going to run, if I think I'm well suited for that. And I guess the last one would be academics. I want to have a major that interests me and a possibility of graduate school if football doesn't work out."

The star in the classroom and on the field plans to graduate in December so that he can enroll early at his chosen school. Partly because of that plan, he wants to have his recruiting wrapped up before his senior year starts and said he will cut to 10 after finishing his upcoming visits.

"Not only do I want to get it done soon but I kind of need to get it done soon," Hurst said. "I'm trying to have it out of my way before my senior year starts because I can only imagine that everything is going to get busier and busier."

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