Postseason Musings

With this being akin to the day after the MLB All-Star Game, I figured it was an appropriate time to muse about the various ways the two most-popular NCAA sports pick their champions. What can football learn from basketball and vice versa?

Sure, there are games on the Tuesday and Wednesday between the days the men's and women's brackets are released, but I have an incredibly difficult time feeling like paying attention to them. After putting so much energy and interest in the brackets and in anticipation of an overload of meaningful games over the next four days, I just prefer to take a mental break, try something else out for my entertainment like going through the DVR for old sitcoms I haven't watched yet.

But I never can seem to get out all the thoughts I have on the BCS and its alternatives at all other levels of its sport and all others, what with my love for the latter and distaste for the former.

I'll start with a somewhat surprising revelation: I've had to allow the postseason conference tournaments to grow on me to stay consistent with my vision of what is wrong with college football's system.

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