Can Boeckman Find A Home In Cincinnati?

Former Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman may not hear his name called on draft day but that doesn't mean his football career is over. Boeckman is expected to draw interest as a free agent from several teams, and would appear to be a good fit as a backup for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The Cincinnati Bengals are pretty set at the quarterback position as far as their franchise player. Carson Palmer is one of the best in the league when the team knows what they're doing.

Palmer claims that his elbow is fully healed from the injury that occurred during the New York Giants game in September and that he is feeling as good as ever.

Ryan Fitzpatrick took the team over and had a little bit of production, but it just wasn't the same Bengals team without Palmer in the backfield.

Now with Fitzpatrick gone, Cincinnati acquired J.T. O'Sullivan to fill the open roster spot, but his numbers aren't very convincing if Palmer was to go down again.

What the Bengals need to do is find a quarterback that fits the system well. Fitzpatrick did not have a strong arm and the stats showed it with very few 20-plus yard plays.

Out of the players coming out of college, it seems Todd Boeckman of Ohio State fits the team well. He wasn't amazing as a Buckeye and only started for one season, but he could get the ball to his players, especially the deep ball.

When you look at who has started in front of Boeckman you'll see Troy Smith and Terrelle Pryor, two quarterbacks who fit the college system. What Boeckman has is a NFL capable arm.

This would be a smart decision by the Bengals because they most likely wouldn't have to draft Boeckman.

In his junior season, Boeckman passed for 2,379 yards. This may look mediocre to some people, but the Buckeyes were a balanced team with Chris "Beanie" Wells getting a lot of carries.

Boeckman threw 25 touchdown passes and averaged almost eight yards a throw. He had a 64-percent completion average and a quarterback rating of 148.95.

The Bengals wouldn't need to worry about him complaining about playing time because he accepts his role on the team as its leader or as a support player.

A great example of this is when Pryor came into Ohio State. He could have pushed Pryor away, but he helped the young quarterback and watched him take his position on the field. I'm sure he was upset, but he knew the coach knew what was best for the team and he believed in him. He has great character.

It would not appear Cincinnati will have to draft Boeckman since the team has bigger needs than QB depth, but he would be a good asset to the team. Not having to draft Boeckman would make it easier for them to cut him if they needed to, and would set them up for backup security.

With Fitzpatrick's inability to get the ball down field the other play makers couldn't get the offense clicking. Chad (Johnson) Ocho Cinco has dropped his fair share of balls, but last season the balls were over or underthrown and not on target.

The Bengals probably should have given young Jordan Palmer (Carson's brother) a shot where at least the long game could have been there.

The Bengals do need to think of having support if their stars go down, Boeckman or not. If they don't think ahead the "Who Dey" chant will certainly be changed to "Dey Who."

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