Two Eyes Better Than None

Even just a week of watching Ohio State football practice revealed plenty of lessons for reporters generally held out of such events. Stars and role players alike had their fair shares struggles and triumphs.

I get why Jim Tressel prefers to keep most people out of his Ohio State football practices. He likes to have control of situations, and letting more people in jeopardizes such power. It's his right to do that, and I don't hold ill will toward him for it, but I'm happy he let us media wretches in a few times last week so that we could get a little better feel for his team, something I hope we as a group have been able to translate to readers, the people who crave the information the most.

Seeing the stars continue to hone their skills and the lesser-known players fight for spots was certainly enlightening, something to remember as their careers continue.

Few secrets shook loose during the four sessions I witnessed, but plenty of players - including Mike Adams, Willie Mobley, Justin Boren, Dexter Larimore and Terrelle Pryor - flashed potential or showed they have some work to do in order to earn a much larger audience this fall in Ohio Stadium.

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