Rea's Day Blog: Spring Observations, Opinions

Ohio State spring practice drills were open again Tuesday and we have observations on everyone from Mike Adams and Terrelle Pryor to Boom Herron and Marcus Williams as well as plenty of opinions including why former Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer was at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

Wanting to take full advantage of Jim Tressel's new open-door policy toward spring practice, I attended Tuesday's drills ostensibly to concentrate on watching Terrelle Pryor. Instead, I found myself unable to take my eyes off offensive lineman Mike Adams.

I'm sure that you are aware by now there are two separate schools of thought regarding Adams' performance so far this spring. Some believe he has been oftentimes overmatched by members of the Ohio State defensive line and that he is rapidly losing his grip on the starting left tackle position that is his to lose. I must admit that was my initial reaction after watching Adams repeatedly get schooled Tuesday by Cameron Heyward and Thad Gibson.

Then this thought occurred to me. I remembered one of Tressel's favorite mantras – "To whom much is given, much is expected" – and immediately thought of Adams. I wonder if the coaching staff is throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the 6-8, 322-pound sophomore this spring because they think he can handle it.

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