Fiesta Trip Pics

A few assorted pictures from the trip to the Fiesta Bowl...

It's time to look at my photography.  One look and you will conclude that I should keep my day job.  All I had was a disposable camera (about the cheapest Kroger could offer), and the photos didn't come out that great, but I picked out the best ones to post for you today.  Here is a look at some things I saw on my trip and before the game:

The first highlight of my trip was the Grand Canyon... I had to include at least one photo

Here's a picture of me representing OSU at the Canyon (sorry, I'm shy, so my face isn't included, although the substitution is prettier than I am anyway).  I wasn't the only OSU fan there; there were actually several, including four who looked like they were college students who made the trip from Ohio in a SUV painted with things like "Go Buckeyes" and "14-0" all over it.  I was jealous because they looked like they were having the time of their lives, and I wished I had a road trip that cool in college...

Standing on a corner on Mill Street, which is one of the main arteries in Tempe.  It is filled with shops, restaurants and bars and is a neat place for ASU students.  The waves of Buckeye clothing you can see across the street were commonplace

This is not a street in Columbus... the Varsity Club took up residence and dozens of Buckeye fans were always outside

A shot of the stadium from the outside

You had to pay to get into College Football's Biggest Party, and to be honest, I didn't think it looked that exciting, so I decided to take pictures from the outside

OSU tailgaters were out in full force

More tailgaters

This is outside one of the gates of the stadium.  It's a good indication to me of how many Buckeye fans there were as opposed to Miami fans (You can look forever at that picture and not see someone who jumps out as a Miami fan)

A look at the stadium a couple of hours before kickoff

Another look

A look from the end zone

A not-that-great photo of the ESPN crew.  Lee Corso was getting it good from the Miami fans, and both sides were pleading with him not to pick their team to win

A better photo courtesy of a gentleman who had the courage to reach up and stick my camera through a hole in the net.  Herby is chatting with Joey Galloway

The Buckeyes rally around the middle of the field before the game under a grand sunset

Finally, the band brings the house down with Script Ohio


That's all... at this point, I ran out of film.  :-(  But that was just a quick glimpse at some of the scenes of game day.

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