OSU - National Champs

Jerry Rudzinski was in the stands for the Fiesta Bowl, and he posts some thoughts today.

I am still a bit numb from that one. Wow. I guess a good defense and an offense that takes care of the ball actually CAN win a National Championship. I know that disappoints the rest of the country, especially the national media.

Well, no apologies from us. We won close games. We won lop-sided games. We won on the road. We won at home. We won big games. We won games that most teams overlook. 14-0.

How about those 5th year seniors? They entered OSU ranked #1 in the country, and depart OSU #1 in the country. Kenny and Cie and Donnie and the others deserve a lot of credit for what they have done. They cared about the program and fought a lot of adversity along the way. I am more impressed with what those guys did more than any Miami player with a 34 game winning streak.

It was amazing being surrounded by the great OSU fans. I attended the game with my wife, and saw first-hand the passion and enthusiasm our fans have. What a blast. One bar I went to in Phoenix after the game ran out of beer. One pizza parlor I went to after the game ran out of dough. Room service wouldn't accept any more orders. The airports couldn't handle the crowds. The bottom line is that OSU does it right. Sure the Hurricanes traveled some fans, and they appeared to know their football for the most part, but would they have that passion if they hadn't won 34 straight? OSU's passion is consistent. It was there 25 years ago, and will be there 25 years from now. I now see why people still talk about the 68 team. I see why people loved the Rose Bowl experiences. This past week, I was part of something bigger than a game, and even bigger than a national championship. Right or wrong…Ohio State football is a way of life for people. It seemed awfully right to me.

Buckeye Leaves are plentiful after a Fiesta Bowl victory…

Kenny Peterson – Best game of his life.

Mark Dantonio- The month-long question was answered. How do you stop the double-edged sword of Miami's running game and passing game? You follow the golden rule. This is Ohio State and nobody, I mean nobody, will run the football on us. If we lose to the passing game, so be it. But we will not lose by having someone run the football down our throats. Once the opponent becomes one-dimensional, we will get after the quarterback and see what happens when the ball is in the air. Once the ball was in the air, I saw bullets flying, interceptions, fumble hits, etc.

Craig Krenzel – How does he keep getting up? I don't care how high his GPA is in molecular genetics. This guy has toughness more than anything else. I would look him in the eye in a huddle.

Michael Doss – Fortune teller.

Chris Gamble – Without Chris Gamble, college football would still have never seen a 14-0 team.

Jim Tressel – Heck, I even thought the fake field goal was okay. Sure, we all have the answers in hindsight, but if we pull that off, it goes down as one of the greatest OSU plays ever called. Nugent and Groom are phenomenal athletes, and the team has worked on that all year. I have no problem with that call. On a bigger scale, the team looked prepared to me.

Alex Stepanovich – The glue to the offensive line.

Andy Groom – It got the point where a 45-yard punt with great hang time seemed very average to us.

Maurice Clarett – Great effort stripping the ball on the interception. When you practice hard like Maurice does, good things happen on the field. You play how you practice.

And whoever else was left out, fill up their helmet with Buckeye Leaves. That was the greatest victory in the history of Ohio State football. Congratulations Buckeyes!

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