Defensive Perceptions After OSU Spring Ball

With Ohio State spring football over and a couple of days to digest it, it's time to lay out some noteworthy developments, including how the 15 days of hard work put in by the Buckeyes altered some pre-spring perceptions. Let's start with the defense.

Spring football has come to an end, and what an interesting round of 15 work days the Ohio State squad put in.

The media was allowed to watch about 2/3rds of those (including the spring game, which everyone watched), so for the first time on this beat I have actually been able to feel like I can make some solid conclusions about what the Buckeyes did with their work days.

I'm not sure what I can exactly conclude will carry over to the fall because I'm certain some things were just being done for improvement's sake and not for strategic advantages, but without a doubt there were a lot of things able to be learned from April.

The No. 1 revelation, of course, was Terrelle Pryor can throw, but you already saw that and I've already written about it.

The next biggest development was on the other side of the ball. While there were signs both good and bad with the various offensive units, the defense was basically a positive across the board, as far as I am concerned.

Read on at the Cus Words Blog to see what I mean.

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