Buckeyes Trek To See Hendrix

Ohio State is looking for a quarterback in the class of 2010, and one who is rapidly gaining attention in recruiting circles can be found in the southwestern corner of the Buckeye State. Cincinnati Moeller's Andrew Hendrix has double digit offers, and OSU took notice recently when some coaches checked in at the GCL power.

One of the hottest names in football recruiting when it comes to the state of Ohio is Cincinnati Moeller quarterback Andrew Hendrix, and the 6-3, 220-pounder is even getting glances from the state's top program in Ohio State.

The Buckeyes sent quarterbacks assistant Nick Siciliano, recruiting coordinator John Peterson and defensive coordinator Jim Heacock to Moeller last week to check out Hendrix and Crusaders linebacker Marcus Rush.

Though Hendrix does not boast an offer from Ohio State, he said he has pocketed 15 so far. As for his conversations with Ohio State, Hendrix said that he's part of the decision-making process for the Buckeyes.

"They've offered I think one quarterback and I guess they're still waiting to see what he does," Hendrix said. "And then there's a lot of other quarterbacks around the country that they're evaluating and I'm on that part of the board with the other quarterbacks. Right now, they're just trying to learn a lot more about me, get to know me a little better. I would like to get up to Columbus to talk to (head coach Jim) Tressel a little bit about Buckeye football and everything. Right now we're still in the baby steps of the process."

Hendrix grew up rooting for Ohio State along with Cincinnati and Penn State. He has not yet visited Ohio State unofficially but would like to return the favor to the Buckeye coaches and do so.

"As soon as possible I would love to get up there," he said. "Coach Tressel, he sent me an email the other day and said he would like me to get up there and see everything, tour the facilities and see what it's like in Columbus and just talk to him for a little bit. As soon as I can because baseball is starting to heat up."

Hendrix is a pitcher for Moeller, a traditional powerhouse that has produced Ken Griffey Jr. and Barry Larkin and also provided Ohio State with players like standout catcher Dan Burkhart and pitcher Alex Wimmers, who threw a no-hitter against Michigan last weekend. The Crusaders are having another excellent season at 14-5, and Hendrix is 1-0.

He said he might play baseball in college but will definitely be playing on the gridiron at the next level. He emerged as Moeller's quarterback during the past season and threw for 1,700 yards, 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions.

"I have prototypical size of a quarterback in the college ranks," he said. "I have a very quick release and that's due to a lot of work in the offseason, really just working on my overall mechanics and coming over the top and everything. So there's that and I'm a pretty cerebral player. I like to think things out and I'm pretty good at reading the coverages. I always have to get better at that just with the film sessions and nonstop work, but those three things really are the strong points I bring to the table."

Those skills have impressed a number of schools that have come to the table and offered Hendrix the chance to play at the next level. That group includes Big Ten schools Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern and Wisconsin as well as BCS schools like Cincinnati, Louisville, Maryland, Virginia and Stanford.

He agreed with the suggestion that he's been surprised by the attention but has also been enjoying it.

"I'd say both of those," he said. "I'm definitely surprised by how quick it all blew up. I had faith in myself that it would eventually be like this, but I did not imagine it would be this soon. I expected to have to go to camps to prove myself and then I would get this type of attention. At no point have I ever not enjoyed the process. I'm really just taking it in because a lot of kids really don't get the opportunity to do this."

Hendrix said that he'd like to have a choice of schools made before practice starts for his senior year of football at the southwestern Ohio power.

"Hopefully by the end of spring once I see that final set of schools that will be recruiting me, I'll sit down with my parents and my coaches and make a top five, seven or two, depending on how many schools I still believe that have a good fit for me," he said. "From there if I'm kind of iffy about some schools I think I might go to their camp, see how their coaches coach, see if I'm right for that system, see what kind of kids they're bringing in so I can get a better feel for the decision I have to make.

"In a perfect world, my final selection would be before the season starts, preferably before two-a-days even start, so I can just focus on the football season."

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