Henderson Drawing Plenty Of Interest

As Seantrel Henderson is rapidly finding out, there is a certain amount of scrutiny involved with being the No. 1 recruit in the country. In this update, Henderson's head coach speaks to BuckeyeSports.com about his star player's recruitment, his goals for the summer and what kind of player he can become.

Two years ago, Mike Scanlan thought he had seen all the rigors of the recruiting process with star wideout Michael Floyd receiving national interest.

This year, the head coach at Saint Paul (Minn.) Cretin Derham Hall is finding out that he hadn't seen anything yet. For the second time in three years, Scanlan boasts a five-star recruit on his roster – and this time he is the No. 1 recruit in the country.

So how much interest is offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson drawing from top schools across the country?

"Well, it's leaving Floyd in the dust," Scanlan told BuckeyeSports.com. "Maybe there's such a need for left offensive tackle that as much as Michael got attention, Seantrel is getting more."

Listed at 6-8, 301 pounds, Henderson is apparently in no hurry to speed up his recruitment. With scholarship offers from nearly 50 schools, Scanlan said, the situation can be overwhelming at times.

"Right now it's OK because it has very little impact on Seantrel because they can't be dragging him out of class to meet him," he said. "Even the day Ohio State was in, there were five other schools that came in. All they want to do is make sure that Seantrel knows they're in the building and get a transcript if they need it."

Despite Scanlan's advice, Henderson has not narrowed his list or come up with a roll call of top schools. That fact is partly due to the fact that Henderson is also an accomplished basketball player whose time right now is largely taken up by the AAU circuit.

Although his future remains on the gridiron and not on the hardwood, Scanlan said, the sport does have some crossover benefits for Henderson.

"He's pretty smooth and he moves pretty well," Scanlan said. "I think that translates well to playing that left offensive tackle position where you've got to be nifty out in space, you've got to have good feet. He's got the guns that he can put on you early and pass block."

On the practice field, Henderson is learning from two accomplished tutors. His school's two offensive line coaches have enjoyed lengthy stays in the NFL: Ray Hitchcock, who won a Super Bowl with the Washington Redskins after playing for the University of Minnesota and John Alt, a two-time Pro Bowl player who enjoyed a 13-year career with the Kansas City Chiefs after playing for Iowa in college.

The two are schooling Henderson on the finer points of playing on the offensive line.

"These guys know how to zone block, they know how to teach the steps, they know how to pass block," Scanlan said. "Not that it's brain surgery, but I think it gives him an advantage coming out of an offense like that versus running a good high school wing-T offense, which nobody in college runs."

Despite that, Scanlan said Henderson has plenty of work to do before his senior season starts.

"I want to see him in the weight room more than he has been and I also want to see him do more homework than he does already," he said. "He's got to continue to work hard in the classroom and he's got to put more time in the weight room. His position dictates that as good as he is, he's got to get stronger because the guys he's going to compete against – not senior year, but when he gets to college – are going to be well weight trained young men.

"He works hard, but he's got to work harder if he wants to play at that level."

As for Henderson's top schools, Scanlan said he feels that the Buckeyes are serious players for his services among many other schools. In addition, the coach said there is a certain amount of pressure for Henderson to stay close to home and suit up for the Golden Gophers in college.

"It's subtle and not so subtle," he said. "I think he's got legitimate interest in Minnesota. I think if he would commit to The ‘U,' they would make him king of the Twin Cities.

"I just think he's going to look at the best venue to play at with big-time exposure and also quality education yes, but this is a kid that has realistic aspirations to play in the NFL."

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