Quarterback Position Evolves In Rivalry

A look at the college alma maters of every current NFL quarterback brings a flashback to a cold, rainy day in Ann Arbor, Mich., and rekindles the debate about how much spread is too much compared to other ways to move the pigskin in college football and where to start in crafting an offense.

Yesterday the NFL published, through its media-only site, a list of all quarterbacks in the league. I'm not really sure why the league felt compelled to do that, but this random act of information sharing gives me another opportunity to talk offensive style decisions (Don't worry, we're still talking football, not Project Runway).

I guess I'm just struck by how odd it is (to me at least) Michigan has thrown away a large piece of its identity, something it did well for decades (and could have continued to do well with a tweak here or there) in order to chase the spread offense monster, and this is just the latest reminder.

At the other end of the best rivalry in sports, Ohio State sometimes gets criticism for either lacking imagination or identity - or both - on offense, but Jim Tressel figures to hold on to the same basics that have always made the bottom line of his offense. And he continues to win.

The question addressed in the latest Cus Words Blog entry deals with the question of how much change is too much, and how effective the spread might from here on out.

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