Further Examining New Defensive Look

The natural followup to the 3-4 blog from earlier this week calls for one to wonder if such a move, or at least dabbling in such a change, would be an example of coaching from strength or weakness. Maybe it doesn't really matter at the end of the day, but it's worth consideration, especially when it's still May.

Would Ohio State's football coaches adopt a different look to their traditional 4-3 defense because they lack the tackles to rotate and cause havoc inside? Do they not have enough ends who are quick enough to be pass-rushing differencemakers and stout enough to avoid getting bowled over against the run?

Is it that Dexter Larimore is a unique talent in his ability to tie up blockers? Do guys like Cameron Heyward, Doug Worthington and Robert Rose have just the right combination of strength and speed to hold the point of attack and rush the passer as 3-4 ends?

We wonder about those things and more in the latest Cus Words blog post.

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