Lamarcus Joyner Speaks With BSB Subscribers

St. Thomas Aquinas [Fort Lauderdale, Fla.] super athlete Lamarcus Joyner is one of the most heavily recruited players in the 2010 class. Joyner was kind enough to spend some time answering questions posed by BSB subscribers. Check out the interview by Bill Greene to see if your question was answered.

Greene: Let's get started and remember these questions might be a little crazy.
Joyner: "I'm ready for all they got [laughing]."

BuckinYouDown asks: Ti or Jeezy.
Joyner: "That's easy..... Jeezy."

Stugots11 asks: Do you see yourself contributing on both sides of the ball in college?
Joyner: "Definitely. I feel I will play on both sides of the ball and special teams, especially if my coaches want me to. I never want to leave the field during a game."

LouieQ asks: Since you're destined to come to Ohio State anyway, could you bring Chris Dunkley, Christian Green, Brandon Linder and Jeff Luc with you?
Joyner: "Destined [laughing]? It wouldn't be me bringing them. It would be more about if they respected me enough to want to be my teammate."

FunkMastaBuck asks: Are you the fastest player in Florida?
Joyner: "On the football field I feel that I am the fastest player in Florida."

TeddyHeisman asks: What kind of boots were you wearing at the Ohio State spring game? Did your feet get hot?
Joyner: "Those were Timberland boots. No, my feet weren't hot at all. I was real comfortable [laughing]."

Sweetbuckeye asks: What are you looking for in a school? Why are you interested in Ohio State? What is your opinion of Jim Tressel? Are you aware that Ohio State has a great history of putting defensive backs in the NFL? How much of a role will Genron play in your decision? How much is distance a factor? Are you afraid of cold weather? Which defensive back do you model your game after? Are you concerned about depth charts? How important is it for you to play as a true freshman?
Joyner: "I'm looking for good people to coach me. That's the most important thing I want from a school. Ohio State has great tradition. Jim Tressel is a great man. I know all about Ohio State putting defensive backs in the NFL because I do my research on every school I'm interested in. My uncle will play a big role because he points out both the good and bad about every school. Distance is not a factor at all. The cold weather doesn't bother me at all. I don't try to follow any other defensive back because I have to be me, and do what I do. I could care less about any school's depth charts. Playing as a freshman means everything to me."

buckeyeram4 asks: Who is your all-time favorite Ohio State player?
Joyner: "My favorite player ever at Ohio State would be Ted Ginn."

mrvbsgb asks: What will be your reason for picking Ohio State, assuming you do? Tradition. Being a pipeline to the NFL. Friendships currently on the team. I'm a Buckeye through and through.
Joyner: "That's a million dollar question right there. I'd have to say the first three reasons would apply to my situation.

MYLESHOOK01 asks: How does beating Miami the next two years sound to you?
Joyner: "It would be great to play against guys from home but it's not that big of a deal really. I want to beat everybody."

MizaxBuckNut asks: Who is the best player you've played against? Do you play any other sports?
Joyner: "I would have to say Jaamal Berry is the best player I've gone up against. I love running track."

BUCKEYEinFLL asks: Do you see yourself playing college football for an offensive-minded team, or a defensive-minded team?
Joyner: "Definitely a defensive-minded school. That's how you win championships."

yetti asks: What number will you wear in college? What's playing in your I-pod right now?
Joyner: "Bill Greene will get mad, but it won't be number six [laughing]. I want to wear number three. I haven't had an I-pod since I was a freshman in high school."

no7rws asks: Wherever you end up playing college, will you be starting as a true freshman?
Joyner: "Personally, I really believe that I will be starting right off the bat."

Irishguy asks: Should you choose Ohio State, would there be any other players you'd like to see join you at Ohio State? Have you ever seen Antoine Winfield play and are you similar to him?
Joyner: "I want Chris Dunkley with me wherever I end up going. I've seen Winfield on tape and I think I can be just as good, possibly even better with the right coaching."

buckwild23 asks: Trick Daddy or Rick Ross? PS3 or XBOX360? Safety or Cornerback in college? How much pressure are you receiving from local fans to stay in Miami? Your favorite NFL team? Favorite hobby?
Joyner: "Rick Ross. PS3. Safety, repeat safety [laughing]. No pressure because I stay off the internet and just focus on the people close to me. My favorite NFL team is the Baltimore Ravens, no doubt about it. My hobby, outside of football, is working out. I need to get bigger, faster and stronger."

Wasa1 asks: Mike Brewster became an internet legend when he committed to Ohio State, and then went about recruiting others to join him. Would you like to do the same thing wherever you go?
Joyner: "I would say I would do that. Once I commit, and right now I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going, I would try to explain to other top players why I made my choice."

fasrnu asks: What do you want to study in college? What are your greatest attributes, on and off the field? Can Duron Carter get open against you?
Joyner: "I want to study journalism. My greatest strength is my mental toughness and my determination to succeed, no matter what the odds. I would say if Duron and I went at it for five plays, he would get open twice. I could never shut him down, but I would win the best out of five."

osubucks79 asks: Do you read the internet message boards and do they effect you?
Joyner: "I do not read that stuff at all. My friends and my family watch all that stuff, but it doesn't mean anything to me."

UAGoldenBuckeye asks: Are you excited about playing in Columbus for the Herbstreit Challenge?
Joyner: "Oh yah, I can't wait to play in that game. I'm really looking forward to coming to Columbus again and playing in front of the Ohio State fans."

BuckinDC asks: What is the perception of Ohio State football among Florida high school players?
Joyner: "I can't answer for all other Florida athletes, but for me I see a lot of the same qualities we have down here. I see the intensity and the intelligence that Ohio State plays with and I think that's how I play. Everybody down here knows it's a great program."

drew288 asks: Do you play any video games?
Joyner: "I play NCAA some of the time, but I stopped recently because I want to play against these players in real life [laughing]."

drewlaw00Buck asks: What is your forty time? Who is the fastest player you've ever seen? Who is your favorite artist? Would you consider wearing #27 in college, for Terrelle Buckley?
Joyner: "My fastest forty time is 4.34. My favorite artist is too tough to answer, because I have so many. I want to wear number three in college, but I like Terrelle Buckley a lot."

cdunbar11 asks: How do you like practicing with your new team, and is there talk of winning another championship?
Joyner: "I love it here. This type of competition will only make me better. At St. Thomas Aquinas, you're expected to win every game, and that's how I like it."

MissStateBuckeye asks: What do you like the most, and the least about Ohio State? Is your uncle [Genron] as funny in real life as he is on the internet?
Joyner: "There really isn't anything I don't like about Ohio State, so I'm not sure how to answer that question. My uncle is funnier in real life and he's one of the funniest guys I know."

stxbuck asks: Favorite Trick Daddy song? Favorite food? Favorite subject in school?
Joyner: "I don't really have a favorite Trick Daddy song, but I like a lot of his stuff. My favorite food is ribs, with macaroni and cheese. My favorite subject is math because I like being challenged to do difficult things. I like solving problems that take a lot of work and thought."

OSU37 asks: Weezy or Jeezy?
Joyner: "Man, these guys are into music, aren't they [laughing]? I would say Jeezy."

Hawk47Kat45 asks: Tupac or Biggie?
Joyner: "There they go again [laughing]. I would say Tupac."

CalBuck79 asks: What do you like to do in your spare time? Do you have any brothers and sisters? Will your family be attending the Herbstreit Classic?
Joyner: "All my time is used up playing football or working out, but I can't lie to you. I also find a little time for the ladies [laughing]. I have one sister and three brothers. No, my family won't be attending the Herbstreit football game."

Irishguy asks: Who would win a 40 yard race between you and Bill Greene?
Joyner: "I think Bill might have been a baller back in the day, and I saw him throwing the football around when he was in Florida, but let's be serious [laughing hysterically]. If I would lose to him, I would give up my football license for good [laughing]."

Buckeyebeef asks: In what way do Florida State and Ohio State compare?
Joyner: "I would say that both programs are surrounded by great people, and both are led by a great man at head coach. That's from my heart and how I truly feel about both schools."

BGSUbuck5 asks: NorthFace or Columbia jackets? The winters get tough in Ohio.
Joyner: "Oh man, I'll just wear a windbreaker if I come to Ohio State. To show how tough I am [laughing]."

buckatborder asks: If you could ask Ohio State fans one question, what would it be?
Joyner: "Wow, that's a good question, I got to think about that one. I would ask them this question, for when my career was over. If I came to Ohio State to play my college football, I would ask them if I had a positive impact on the great tradition of Ohio State football? I would really want to know the answer too. My hope would be that they would say they never had a player, or a person, like me before. I hope I leave that kind of legacy wherever I go."

buckatborder asks: MLB or NBA?
Joyner: "That's easy because I'm a big NBA guy."

DoctorRockso asks: Do you want to see a college playoff system?
Joyner: "Oh yes, I would love to see that. You gotta decide the champion like they do in basketball."

g10buck asks: Favorite nickname, 6-star or Frankenstein?
Joyner: "Bill's going to be mad again, but it's Frankenstein. That's a legacy name going back to little league, while Bill just gave me "6-star" recently."

Awesom asks: Height, weight, bench, squat?
Joyner: "My height is 5-foot-9. My weight is 170-pounds. I benched 275 pounds three times just last week. I can squat around 415 pounds."

BuckeyeNatural asks: We know Florida State was your favorite team growing up. What would they have to do for you to feel comfortable that they were becoming a championship team?
Joyner: "It wouldn't just be about the record, it would be about the performance on the field. They should be able to start strong and make a statement in the first five or six games."

mattatech asks: Do you think it's silly that grown men worry about the decision of a teenager?
Joyner: "That's a good question. I understand the passion people have, but some of the talk gets pretty nasty and people get hurt. The mean stuff gets kind of silly. It doesn't bother me, but it does get to my family a little bit. They should just let a child be a child. Let him make the decision that shows he's growing into a young man, and let him live with that decision. If you can't say something positive about a high school kid, you probably shouldn't say anything at all, but that's just my opinion."

drewhoward09 asks: How would you describe your game? As a pure cover guy, or a physical guy? Or both? Who would compare yourself to?
Joyner: "I think I try to play both styles, but playing physical really sets the tone of how the game will be played that day. It wouldn't be a comparison size-wise, but I try to play the game like Ray Lewis. I think I'm a natural leader and I hit hard out there. On offense, I feel like Adrian Peterson, because I can change the game with one play."

Greene: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. The Ohio State fans will be glad they got to talk with "6-star."
Joyner: "No problem at all. Tell them I said thank you for being so supportive of me. I do appreciate it."

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