Is Teddy Bridgewater The Next Terrelle Pryor?

South Florida is known for producing some of the best football prospects in the country. Miami Northwestern junior quarterback Teddy Bridgewater appears ready to carry on that tradition. Bridgewater is one of the highest rated players in the class of 2011 and has attracted the attention of nearly every college in America. Bill Greene has more on this coming star.

Looking for the next Terrelle Pryor? Then take a close look at Miami (Fla.) Northwestern junior star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater, 6-3 and 180 pounds, led Northwestern to a tremendous season as a sophomore in 2008. Along the way he has attracted the interest of most of the top colleges in the country.

"I'm just starting to enjoy the recruiting process," Bridgewater told "When I first started getting letters I was really surprised. I'm still only a sophomore right now so the coaches aren't allowed to talk to me yet, but they've all been coming around the school talking to my coach about me. I have verbal offers from Miami, Florida International, Tennessee and Auburn right now."

Bridgewater was visited at his high school last week by Ohio State assistant coaches Paul Haynes and Luke Fickell. The pair returned that evening to watch Bridgewater play in the Northwestern spring game.

"I have a lot of interest in Ohio State," the young phenom said. "I'm an SEC follower but I like the Big Ten also. Ohio State is a program with a lot of tradition and I like the way they are using Terrelle Pryor right now. I've seen them play on television a lot and Pryor is a guy I follow a lot. I knew the Ohio State coaches were at my game because one of my coaches told me they were very interested in me. They even compared me to Terrelle Pryor to my coach."

Bridgewater is such a great athlete that it is believed he could play major college football at several positions, not just quarterback. That fact is quite apparent to the young star.

"I talk to my mom and my coaches every day about what position I would be best at," he said. "I really like playing wide receiver as much as quarterback and a lot of people think that's my best spot. I grew up playing wide receiver, but when I got switched to quarterback I found out I loved having the ball in my hands every play. I also play safety on defense a little bit."

Bridgewater is also an outstanding baseball prospect and he could end up being drafted by a Major League Baseball team out of high school.

"I love baseball and I play shortstop and pitcher," he said. "People tell me I can play baseball at the highest level and I like the fact that the money is all guaranteed. I also love football and it's very important to my mom that I get a college degree, so it's just too early to tell."

Bridgewater was hesitant to name a favorite list but he did discuss some of the schools that he likes. He has visited the hometown Hurricanes and admits to being a big fan.

"I like Florida and Georgia the best of the SEC schools," Bridgewater said. "I've been to games at Miami and Florida International. A lot of guys from my school are expected to go to Miami. I like Miami a lot but I don't feel any pressure to go there. I want to make my own decision and do what's right for me. Coach [Randy] Shannon is doing a good job and I think things are turning around."

Bridgewater also discussed his thoughts on his two SEC favorites, Florida and Georgia.

"I like Florida but I would only go there to play receiver, not quarterback," he said. "If I'm going to play quarterback then I want to be in a pro-style offense, and Florida doesn't run that. Now as a receiver I like Florida because of the way they spread the ball around."

"I guess I could say Georgia is my favorite right now. They just had their quarterback go as the number one pick in the draft. I really like the Georgia offense and obviously they did good for [Matthew] Stafford."

Even though Brigewater is receiving a lot of attention right now, he knows he has a lot of work ahead of him to realize his potential.

"This summer it's all about my mechanics as a quarterback," Bridgewater said. "I have a tendency to squeeze the football too tight and that hurts my accuracy. I also need work on my footwork. I was timed at a 4.55 in the forty yard dash last year, but I'm still working on my speed and quickness. I think I did pretty well for a sophomore last year but I know I need to keep working hard to be the player I think I can be. I think it's great that all these schools are interested in me but I still have two years of high school left, so I'm a long ways away from being where I need to be."

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