Scott McVey Speaks With BSB Subscribers

Cleveland St.Ignatius linebacker Scott McVey committed to Ohio State last April during the Buckeye spring game weekend. McVey is coming off a great junior season where he led the Wildcats to a state title. In this interview with Bill Greene, McVey answers questions posed by BSB subscribers. Check and see if your question was answered.

Greene: Are you ready to get started? These questions might be a little off the wall. Scott McVey: "That's no problem for me. I'm ready to answer what they have for me."

Buckeye111 asks: Scott, what made you select Ohio State over programs like Michigan, Notre Dame and Boston College? Who is the biggest inspiration in your life? McVey: "First of all, I've always been an Ohio State fan. Once they offered me it was pretty much over. It always felt like home to me whenever I visited down there. Playing for Coach [Jim] Tressel will be awesome and just too good to pass up. The biggest inspiration would be my dad. He has always been there for me in everything I do. He's always wanted this, not for himself, but for me."

codyb14 asks: What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses on the football field? Who do you pattern your play after? Who do you compare yourself to as a player, current or former Buckeye? McVey: "My biggest strength is my explosion off the ball. I seem to be able to get where I need to be on time. I credit running track for that explosion. My biggest weakness would probably be working on my drops in the different zone coverages. I try to play the game like A.J. Hawk and he's the one player I would compare myself too, even though I know he's done so much more than I have. I should say that I hope I play like A.J. Hawk [laughing]."

stxbuck asks: Is St. Ignatius building a new campus? What is the toughest team you've ever played against? What is Chuck Kyle like as a teacher? McVey: "I don't think there are any plans to build a new campus. The toughest teams I've played against would be Cleveland Glenville or Cincinnati St. Xavier. It's too close to call between both teams because they both were so tough to beat. Coach Kyle is as good a teacher as he is a football coach. He probably would rather be known as a great teacher rather than a great football coach. He's about more than just football and everyone that knows him can see that."

VBCoach asks: How do you see yourself as a player at Ohio State? What are the strengths of playing at a program like St. Ignatius? Who have been your favorite Ohio State players over the years? What are your goals for yourself at Ohio State? McVey: "I see myself playing outside linebacker. They have recruited me for the weak-side spot. Ignatius has meant everything to me. The school teaches you to have a strong work ethic because they make it clear that nothing will be given to you, on the field or in the classroom. The educational environment is so awesome and you are expected to succeed academically. I liked A.J. Hawk, Mike Doss, James Laurinaitis, Bobby Carpenter and Vern Gholston. My goals as a player are just to compete as hard as I can. I want to go into business and I plan on not only graduating, but getting my masters degree from Ohio State."

scudx31624 asks: How will the success of the St. Ignatius program prepare you for Ohio State? What are the similarities between Chuck Kyle and Jim Tressel? How does it make you feel being the first Wildcat in a few years to be offered by Ohio State? McVey: "I don't think there's a better high school that could have helped me more than Ignatius, both in the classroom and on the football field. I know I have to work for everything I get and I would hope it prepared me to not be intimidated as a freshman at Ohio State. Both Coach Kyle and Coach Tressel are men that love football, but they are also great men that are about more than just coaching football. Both men are interested in their players being great citizens more than great football players. I'm honored to be headed to Ohio State. I've spoken to Tony Gonzalez and he loved it there, so I'm pretty happy to keep that tradition alive."

mojobanger asks: Who is the best player you've gone up against? McVey: "The best player I've played against would be either Marcus Hall of Glenville, or Matt James from St. Xavier. They are both great players and it's really tough to choose which one is better."

czarbuck asks: What will be your most ambitious goal for your freshman season? What are some of your other goals? McVey: "My most ambitious goal would be to see the field as a true freshman, like every player should have. I want to understand how everything works with the entire defense and how to be a great special teams player. My goal is also to be able to fit in and be looked at as a great teammate."

Sickbucksfan asks: What will your major be and what was the one deciding factor in you being a Buckeye? McVey: "I'm planning on majoring in business. The one overriding factor would be Coach Tressel in why I selected Ohio State, although there were a lot of them."

louieq asks: Do you know why Ignatius has never played in the Herbstreit Classic? McVey: "I really don't know the answer, but I would guess it had something to do with the travel. I know the school doesn't like to see the team traveling out of the area too much, but I really don't know if that's it or not."

OSUBuckeye4Life asks: If you could not attend Ohio State, what other school would you be attending? McVey: "I have to say it would probably be Boston College but I'm not sure. Had Ohio State not offered me I would have done a lot more research on a lot of other schools. Since Ohio State offered me first I never had to look that closely at other schools."

Irishguy asks: What position do you want to play at Ohio State? Were you at the spring game and what did you think about the crowd? McVey: "I definitely want to play weak-side linebacker but I'm willing to do whatever the coaching staff wants me to do. I was at the spring game and that whole atmosphere was insane. I never expected to see over 90,000 people attend just a practice game. It shows how loyal they are and how passionate they are toward the football team."

LakeCoBuck asks: What is your interest in academic studies and why? Who are your role models? Where do you see yourself in five or ten years? McVey: "My interest in education comes from my parents and from the school I attend. I want to be able to set myself up for life and my education is the answer to that. My role models would be two seniors on our team, Seamus Seifring and Pat Hinkel, for their friendship and leadership. Also, my assistant coach Ryan Franzinger means a lot to me. He played for Ohio State after playing at Ignatius, and he is a great person. I see myself involved in football in some way in the future, and using my Ohio State degree."

no7rws asks: Current height and weight? Any young stars coming for St. Ignatius that could be Buckeye material? Ever consider attending St. Ed's? Did you play CYO football? McVey: "I am 6-foot-1 and I weigh 220 pounds. There are a few sophomores that could be pretty good, but we have to see how they progress before they start thinking Ohio State. No, I never considered St. Ed's at all. I'm on the east side of Cleveland, so I was Ignatius all the way. I played CYO ball for St. Gregory's."

toledobuck asks: How does the St. Ignatius program view Ohio State? Was there much pressure to attend Notre Dame? McVey: "There is a great relationship with Ohio State. I've seen Coach Tressel to come by the school to visit Coach Kyle just as friends. Everyone at Ignatius was very encouraging about me going to Ohio State. There are a few people who try to push Notre Dame from some of the alumni, but Notre Dame was just not the place for me."

drewlaw00Buck asks: How is track season going? Who is your favorite NFL player? Blonds or brunettes? McVey: "Track is going great. I have the regional finals in the hurdles coming up. My favorite NFL player would be James Harrison of the Steelers, because of how he plays the game. My girlfriend is a blond so you know how I'm going to answer that question [laughing]."

FunkMastaBuck asks: Some say rushing the passer is a talent you're born with. Is there anything you can practice to improve that skill? McVey: "I would say a lot of it is just natural, but you can keep practicing to get better. A lot of it is using your hands correctly. Once a good offensive lineman locks on to you it's a problem for you. As a rusher they're bigger and stronger than I am, so I need to explode off the ball and keep their hands off of me."

louieq asks: Do you prefer Lakewood Stadium or Byers Field? Can you please get Jordan Hicks to come to Ohio State with you? McVey: "Definitely Lakewood Stadium. [Laughing] I can try to get Jordan, but no promises."

wvcbus08 asks: What is your best attribute? What position do you feel you can make an impact at Ohio State? Were Boston College and Notre Dame real players for you at all? McVey: "I think the fact that I'm very disciplined and I play the game the right way is my best attribute. I'm lucky that I play in such a great program like St. Ignatius because the coaching we get is second to none. I definitely see myself as a linebacker, probably on the weak side. Boston College and Notre Dame are both great schools, but honestly I was coming to Ohio State from the beginning. I tried to keep an open mind, and I did visit both schools, but it was Ohio State all the way for me."

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