For Big Ten, 11 Is Enough

Since the topic won't seem to die, the author feels compelled to weigh in on Big Ten expansion and the (shudder) addition of a postseason championship game in football.

In recent weeks, Big Ten coaches including Joe Paterno, Tim Brewster, Bret Bielema along with Sports Illustrated and ESPN have all gone to bat for expansion of the Big Ten and addition of a championship game, while Ohio State's Jim Tressel sounded lukewarm (at best) on the subject when it came up during an interview with a national radio talk show host.

Commissioner Jim Delany called expansion a back-burner issue two years ago at the Big Ten Media Kickoff and has maintained that stance this spring.

For this writer and son of the Midwest, the answer is an easy one, as explained in the latest entry in the Cus Words Blog.

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