Rea's Day Blog: Ranking Best All-Time Guards

Ohio State has had more than its share of big-time offensive guards over the years, and today we'll rank the top 10.

For roughly the past century or so, the Ohio State football program has built its championship-laden tradition on running the football. The names of star halfbacks, tailbacks and fullbacks roll off the tongue of Buckeye fans as easily as the words to "Carmen Ohio" or "Hang On Sloopy."

Of course, as good as they were, guys like Hopalong Cassady and Archie Griffin couldn't have won the Heisman Trophy all by themselves. There had to be offensive linemen in front of them to lead the way, and that led to my latest position ranking of all-time Buckeyes.

I started out trying to lump all of the linemen into one category, but there have been so many outstanding players who have excelled in the trenches at Ohio State that it was impossible to narrow them down to a list of 10. For example, how do you choose who's better between Orlando Pace and Jim Parker? Pace is the best college lineman I have ever seen in person, but I have watched tape of Parker and he was an absolute beast – and he played both ways.

Therefore, I decided to split the categories into the way they're split on the field. I've already got a working list of my top 10 tackles (guess who's No. 1?) and centers but I'll leave those for another day. Today, we'll take a look at my Ohio State top 10 all-time guards. See how this list stacks up to yours.

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