David Durham Speaks With BSB Subscribers

When Ohio State secured a commitment from Charlotte [N.C.] Christian linebacker David Durham not too many Buckeye fans had heard of the young star. Durham has graciously agreed to answer questions posed by BSB subscribers. Check to see if your question was answered in this article by Bill Greene.

Greene: Are you ready to get rolling on answering these questions? David Durham: "Yes sir, I'm good to go."

m1yankee asks: Have you been in contact with Kacy Rodgers, or any other recruit, to try to bring them on board the Buckeye train? Durham: "I have not been in contact with Kacy Rodgers and we've never met. I have been in contact with Jordan Hicks and Lamarcus Joyner. I hung out with those guys at the spring game and we hit it off real well. I'm really trying hard to get Jordan to become a Buckeye. We touch base every week."

osumanns22 asks: Was it hard to commit to Ohio State without ever seeing the campus? Was it reassuring to see everything at the spring game about where you will spend the next four years? Durham: "I actually committed after I visited Ohio State for the second time. I was very familiar with the campus and the facilities. Yes, the spring game did reinforce the fact that I made a great decision. It confirmed what I knew about Ohio State, that the fans are the best in college football. They are second to none."

osubucks27 asks: Who is your favorite all-time Buckeye? What do you like most about Ohio State football? Durham: "My all-time favorite Buckeye would either be Mike Vrabel or Bobby Carpenter, because we are similar players. I also admire James Laurinaitis because of the type of leader he was. I love the traditions about Ohio State football. Ohio State football is so special because of the great things that go along with the program."

VanWertBuckeye asks: You remind me of Bobby Carpenter, who does your play resemble and what are your strengths on the football field? Durham: "I love the comparison to Carpenter, but let's be clear that he has accomplished so much, while I haven't done a thing yet. I'm honored by the comparison though. I also think I play like Thaddeus Gibson, with the attitude that I will not be blocked. My strengths would be the intensity that I take to the field every single day, trying to win every single one-on-one battle, and the ability to shed blocks."

drphillipsbuckeye asks: Who are your role models, both on and off the field? Durham: "My role model on the field would be Ray Lewis, because he is a complete football player. I love the intensity and leadership he brings to his team. He will never back down from anyone and he makes his teammates better. Off the field it would be Coach (Jim) Tressel, because he's a strong Christian and he has his priorities in order in his life. I can't wait to play for him and learn from him."

louieq asks: What position will you play at Ohio State? Who is the best player you've ever played against? Durham: "Coach [Luke] Fickell said they would start me at the SAM linebacker spot, but just like Bobby Carpenter, they will walk me up on the line a lot more than a normal SAM linebacker would. They want to utilize my pass rushing ability at the defensive end spot too. The best player is hard to say because I've been blessed to play with and against some great players. Some of the best would be Texas players Aaron Williams, Mark Buchanan and Paden Kelly, also Auburn's Eric Blake. I grew up playing junior high football in Charlotte and there have been seven Division-I players come from those days. I guess the two best players would be Texas signee Garrett Gilbert and Georgia Tech's Marcus Wright."

lboston asks: David, it sounds like you're very familiar with Charlotte Christian and their great facilities. I'm sure you will do well there and a lot of us will be making it to your games this year. Durham: "First of all, I want to say thank you for the support and I genuinely appreciate it. The facilities in the Texas high schools were unbelievable, but I love Charlotte and will always try to represent the area well."

dplaw asks: What do you plan on majoring in at Ohio State? Will you be visiting for the USC game? Durham: "I will be in business management or communications. I hope to be there for that game. I know my dad and my younger brother are coming. There's a good possibility I will be there but it depends on my football schedule."

drewlaw00Buck asks: Are you underrated as a college football prospect? What are your speed and strength numbers? Blonds or brunettes? Durham: "Wow, that's a tough question to answer. I do feel that I am a little underrated but I really try to not worry about those things too much. I know I can compete with anyone and I'm willing to out-work the guys on the list ahead of me. What's really important to me is the Ohio State coaches don't pay attention to the Scout.com rankings. They just recruit the players they need for their system. I run a 4.7 forty, bench 320 pounds, squat 425 pounds and run a 4.3 shuttle. I'm also 6-foot-3 and I weigh 225-pounds. My girl friend is a brunette so you know how I'm going to answer that one [laughing]."

BuckeyeNatural asks: A Genie grants you one wish. What would it be? Durham: "I'd like to be in the Hall of Fame some day. That would be my dream, to have an outstanding football career and be looked at as a great football player."

bobosu asks: Having lived in Texas, what made you choose Ohio State? Was there one determining factor that made you choose the Buckeyes? Durham: "Ohio State just has the total package for what I was looking for in a school. They have great tradition, great facilities and great academics. I just wanted to be a part of all that. There wasn't one determining factor. I just knew in my heart that Ohio State was the right place for me."

mrvbsgb asks: Did the Ohio State offer come as a surprise to you? Do you consider yourself a leader, either vocally or by example? What are your goals for your stay at Ohio State? Durham: "The Ohio State offer wasn't a surprise. Once I made the second visit I felt pretty confident they were pretty interested in me. I do consider myself a leader. I try to lead by example and I've found that people will follow the leader if he's successful. I've found that people will listen when a leader truly has something to say, because there are times when you have to be vocal. In four years the Ohio State fans will see a player that put his heart into Ohio State, and a guy that did everything he could to win the national championship every single year. I want to win the Big Ten every year, compete for the championship every year and beat Michigan every year. It's important to me to leave Ohio State as a player the fans respect very much. That means a lot to me."

BuckWrestler141 asks: Do you have any plans to wrestle at Charlotte Christian? Durham: "Yes, I will wrestle next year in high school. I think wrestling helps me a lot as a football player."

fasrnu asks: What does your mom think of you being a Buckeye, seeing as how she's a Penn State grad? Do you have any nicknames? What past or present Buckeye would you like to be compared to when your time is done at Ohio State? Durham: "Actually both of my parents are Penn State grads. They both bleed blue and white, but once I committed to Ohio State my mom started wearing Buckeye gear. She is officially a Buckeye fan now [laughing]. Once they met Coach Tressel and Coach Fickell they were sold. I did visit Penn State and liked Tom Bradley very much. My nicknames are "Double D" or "Big D". I would like to be compared to Chris Speilman because of the way everyone respects him as a player and as a man."

buckwild23 asks: Which coach recruited you for Ohio State? What number do you want to wear? Do you have any hobbies? What is your favorite NFL team? Durham: "I was recruited by Coach Fickell and he's one of the determining factors for me choosing Ohio State. He respected me from the moment we met and we have a great relationship. I want to wear a single digit number at Ohio State, or something in the teens. My hobbies are playing NCAA football, watching movies and I love going fishing. I root for the Carolina Panthers and I know some of their players and coaches."

BirmBuckeye asks: What have you done to beat Michigan today? Durham: "I work hard every day to be a better player, but I don't want to be disrespectful to another team. I'd rather not comment on any other school in a negative way."

Buckeyebeef asks: What team did you follow growing up in Texas? Durham: "I didn't grow up in Texas. I moved there in the eighth grade. I've always been a Carolina Panther fan but it was hard to not get caught up in the Cowboys, especially living down here."

buckatborder asks: Have you had a chance to learn about the Buckeye traditions and what is your favorite? When will you be back to Ohio State to visit? Durham: "Yes, I sure do. I like the students jumping into Mirror Lake during Michigan week. I really like the fact that they plant a tree in Buckeye Grove for everyone who's an All-American. That would be an unbelievably great honor. I want to get there for the USC game. I will be taking my official visit for the Illinois game."

buckatborder asks: Had you been interested in Ohio State for a long time? Durham: "That's a great question. I've always respected the Ohio State program, like a lot of great schools. People need to understand that I've been visiting great schools since I was a freshman and I've seen a lot of great programs. I've been to Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina State, to name a few, but Ohio State stood out head and shoulders above all of them. I feel like I fit in with what Ohio State is trying to accomplish. I knew it was a great program, but once I met Coach Tressel, that sealed the deal for me. My dad was convinced that I would stay in the South to play college football, but once he met Coach Tressel, he was sold too."

drewhoward09 asks: What sport are you the best at, wrestling or football? How has wrestling helped your football career? Durham: "I'm better in football but I really don't spend a lot of time on wrestling. Wrestling has helped me more than anything I do. I learned to use my hands and that helps me shed blocks. I've also learned mental toughness, aggressiveness and determination to win one-on-one battles. I also am a more disciplined athlete because of wrestling."

VBCoach asks: How does an out of state kid like yourself end up at Ohio State so early in the process? What weaknesses are you working on? Outside of football, what made you choose Ohio State? Durham: "That's another great question. A lot of people think I committed out of nowhere and think it was so early in the process. Actually, I've been visiting schools for a while now. I also visited Ohio State twice before I committed. I always told coaches that I was going to commit the minute I found the right spot, and that's what I did. I had a lot to compare to Ohio State, so it was a pretty easy decision. I don't look at my commitment as being early, rather I call it perfect timing. I need to improve my straight ahead speed and I need to work on being more disciplined, because I have a tendency to overrun plays at times. Outside of football, Ohio State has the academic structure I was looking for. Ohio State has one of the largest alumni bases in the country, so no matter where you go there will always be other Buckeyes. There are Ohio State alumni groups everywhere in the country."

g10buck: What would you think about having a tree planted in your name in Buckeye Grove? Durham: "That is a dream and a goal of mine. That's the greatest individual honor you can receive as an Ohio State football player, so that would be beyond belief."

Irishguy asks: Have you gotten to know any of the other Buckeye commits? Anyone in particular you want to see join you in this class? Durham: "I've gotten to know Scott McVey pretty well and we're planning to get together the next time I come to Ohio. I know Kenny Guiton well and he's a great guy. I want Jordan Hicks and Lamarcus Joyner in this class. I think Joyner can really add a lot to any team he plays for and I think Ohio State has a great shot with Lamarcus."

chex1868 asks: Pantera or Metallica? Biggie or Tupac? Kobe or Lebron? Laurinaitis or Hawk? Jim Tressel or the Pope? Durham: "Metallica. I definitely prefer Biggie because I'm an East Coast guy and I love hip-hop music and rap. I got to go with Lebron but I love both players. I could never choose between Hawk or Laurinaitis because they both bring so much to the table, and I would take either guy to be teammates with. I would take Jim Tressel over the Pope every day of the week [laughing]."

Pryor2Carter asks: What weight class do you wrestle? Will you wrestle at Ohio State? Durham: "I will wrestle at 215-pounds this year, possibly heavyweight. I will not wrestle at Ohio State because I'm going to put everything I have into the football team."

LakeCoBuck asks: Favorite school subject? What do you want to do for a living after football is over? Favorite athlete in any sport? Do you own a winter jacket and gloves? Where is your favorite beach? Durham: "My favorite subject is history because I love learning about the past. I really see myself running a business and/or coaching football. My favorite football players are Ray Lewis, Jeremy Shockey and Julius Peppers. My favorite overall athlete is Ray Lewis because he's a leader and a winner. Yes, I own winter clothes because I have family up north and I visit in the winter. I love Myrtle Beach in South Carolina."

no7rws asks: Do you have a lot of Bud Kilmer's in Texas? Do you watch Friday Night Lights? Durham: "No, I've never met anyone like Bud Kilmer [laughing]. I liked the movie because it depicts how big high school football is in Texas. It was very realistic. I watched the first season of the show but I never watched it after that."

buckatborder asks: Were you shocked that Nick Montana committed to Washington? Durham: "I would say I was pretty shocked he committed there. I was really hoping he was going to be a Buckeye and I thought he was coming to Ohio State. I wish him all the best and I hope he does great things at Washington."

DVo45 asks: Can you talk your parents into moving to Troutman instead of Charlotte? Durham: "No, they won't [laughing], but hopefully he can come see me play some time. I'd love to meet any of the Buckeye fans living in the Charlotte area."

chex1868 asks: Hotter girls in Texas or Carolina? How many sacks will you get as a freshman? Durham: "The girls are beautiful in both states but I'd give the edge to Texas slightly [laughing]. Before I answer about sacks I need to get up there and start working on getting on the field."

Greene: That's all I David. That wasn't too bad, was it? Durham: "It was a lot of fun. They asked some great questions. Please thank everyone for their support."

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