Talking Quarterbacks and Recruiting Approach

Earlier this week we talked about how hard is hard enough to go after a major recruits that don't fall into a program's lap. Then it was on to quarterback recruiting and how it could reflect the style of offense run in Columbus now and in the future.

Another summer week has come and gone, and the two topics that grabbed my attention most acutely involved recruiting tough-to-get prospects without and obvious in and how this year's Ohio State scholarship offers to quarterbacks reflect what kind of offense Jim Tressel and his staff have in store for this season and future campaigns.

You can read about both at the Cus Words Blog.

Tressel has pulled in plenty of big fish in his time on the Ohio State recruiting trail, but could have have gotten more if he'd gone to greater lengths?

And what does the offer to Taylor Graham mean for those who want to see more spread formation and less 'I' in the future?

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