2011 Florida Star Looking At Buckeyes

Ohio State has great success recruiting the state of Florida recently. It appears the Buckeyes are receiving serious interest from Plantation junior athlete Jeremy Cash. Cash will be attending the Ohio State football camp on June 26. Bill Greene caught up with this young prospect and filed this report.

Plantation, Fla., star junior athlete Jeremy Cash will be visiting Ohio State later this week to attend the Buckeye football camp. Cash, one of the top underclassmen in Florida, established himself as a coming star with a tremendous sophomore season in 2008.

"I will be coming to Ohio State (on June 26)," Cash told BuckeyeSports.com. "Ohio State has always been a favorite of mine and I think the experience of going up there and seeing the ambiance of the school and working out for the coaches will be a great thing for me."

Cash, 6-2 and 185 pounds, is hoping to impress the Ohio State coaching staff with his combination of size and speed. Cash is also an exceptional student, taking honors courses, and that is yet another reason so many schools are already interested in him.

"I'm hoping to show the coaches at Ohio State that I'm the kind of player, and person, that they want to have in their program," he said. "I also intend on spending most of my time with the coaches and getting to know them. It's not about the facilities or the size of the school to me. If I can get to know the coaches on a one-on-one basis, it would make it that much easier for me should I decide to go to Ohio State some day."

Cash is friends with current Ohio State player Travis Howard, and admits Howard's experience at Ohio State has had a positive effect on how he views the Buckeye program.

"I know Travis and he has told me how great it is at Ohio State," Cash said. "My stepfather works with Travis' mother and she has told him good things as well. My admiration of Ohio State goes back a long way. I remember reading about Robert Smith wanting to be involved in the medical field. I'm interested in majoring in sports medicine, so I know the school could help me academically. I love the rivalry they have with Michigan and watch that game every year. I'm a student-athlete, but the student part definitely comes first. I'm taking honors courses and take my education very seriously."

Although he is just now entering his junior year, Cash is starting to receive recruiting attention and is also highly impressed by the in-state schools.

"Miami is a solid program and I love how they run their "man-free" defense," he said. "I got to know the coaches pretty well at their camp a few weeks ago. I won the defensive back MVP award at their camp. Miami is a young team and they're only going to get better. I could see myself playing free safety there.

"Florida is the best program going right now and they just keep producing great players," Cash said. "They're always ready to go once the season starts, and they're always are competing for both the SEC and the national titles. I like Florida a lot. Florida State has had some internal issues lately, but I think they can put that behind them and get back to where they were."

Cash figures to end up with a lot of college choices to consider. His combination of athletic ability and academic success will make him a desirable recruit.

"As I look at choosing a school for college I need to find the school that will best help me get to the next level as a player, and allow me to develop my career as a student," he said. "I'm not worried about leaving the state of Florida to find what I need. I'm going to take this process slow and concentrate on finding the best place for me to set myself up for success. I think I can add a lot to any program. I'm known as a big hitter and I like to play physical football. I'm working on learning how cover the whole field and reacting to the football in the air. I think I can get a lot better as a player and I expect to be better this year."

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