Does OSU Still Lead For Hagan?

When the month of May came to a close, Pennsylvania athlete Chad Hagan had a list of three top schools. Find out if that list has changed at all with more time to reflect and how the defensive prospect has recovered from an injury that plagued him throughout his junior season.

After a hectic month of May that saw a number of schools offer him scholarships, Chad Hagan had listed Ohio State as his top school ahead of Wisconsin and Michigan.

Now, with the calendar inching toward the month of July, the pecking order for Hagan's services remains the same – and a decision date could be looming for the 6-0, 207-pound prospect from Canonsburg (Pa.) Canon-McMillan, who is not looking to add any more offers.

"It's still the same (order)," Hagan told "My teammate that goes to Penn State (Mike Hull) is trying to get me to go to Penn State so bad. He talks to the coaches and they're trying to say how they're going to offer me but I'm not really buying it right now. To me, my recruiting is very close to being done. I want to commit before football season."

The versatile Hagan has played a number of different positions for head coach Guy Montecalvo during his career, but the Buckeyes are recruiting him as either an outside linebacker or a safety. Wisconsin, in contrast, views him as their next tailback.

Hagan had planned to camp at OSU today, but those plans look to have been put on hold due to circumstances beyond his control.

"I was supposed to go up on Friday to Ohio State but I don't think we can do that now," he said. "Last year, my coach's son passed away and he has a memorial golf thing for him and they might be doing that so they probably can't take me so I can't go. We're going to set a different date and just go from there."

Hagan said he remains in contact with OSU linebackers coach Luke Fickell and safeties coach Paul Haynes, both of whom are recruiting him.

When asked how often he talks to coaches from Wisconsin or Michigan, Hagan said, "Not as much. I've probably been in more contact with the coaches from Ohio State than anything."

That should not be interpreted to mean that the communication has been flowing between Hagan and college coaches. Since the May evaluation period ended, Hagan said he has enjoyed having the opportunity to step back from the process and assess where each college stands.

It has made for a more relaxed month.

"I haven't really called any coaches," he said. "Since the period ended I've just let things calm down. I got a bunch of scholarships within a month so I've let things cool down and let me have this time to get back in shape and rehabilitate and reach my goals for what I want to be for football season next year. I'll figure it out and plan what I want to do with recruiting. I'll see a few schools and hopefully commit before the season."

The rehabilitation Hagan spoke of concerns an April 15 surgery he underwent on his left leg. During this past basketball season, Hagan complained of leg pain and was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his left tibia. Doctors told him the injury had occurred sometime before his junior football season.

The hour-long surgery also required an overnight stay in the hospital, but Hagan said he is recovering well.

"I see my orthopedic surgeon on the 2nd (of July) to see what he has to say about my leg and see when I can go back and be ready to do everything 100 percent," he said. "I've been doing a little bit. We have our speed camps and I've been doing a little bit with small bursts and stuff like that. I've been doing a little bit and lifting a lot and gaining weight."

The rehab and the quieter month have all allowed Hagan to better focus on his future.

"Yeah, it's been pretty awesome," he said. "I just sit and think about all these schools trying to get me and it's an honor to have these prestigious schools that want me to play for them. I feel like I have enough opportunities to go wherever I want. I feel pretty comfortable and don't feel like I need to do any camps."

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