Cash "Takes Care Of Business" At Buckeye Camp

Plantation, Fla., junior athlete Jeremy Cash attended the Ohio State senior camp on Friday and performed at a high level. Cash worked out on both sides of the football, but stood out as a safety. Bill Greene spoke to Cash at the end of camp and filed this report.

Plantation, Fla., star junior Jeremy Cash flew to Columbus to attend the Ohio State camp, and by all accounts, put on quite a show for the Buckeye staff.

"I actually thought I did quite well today," Cash said. "I worked out at both defensive back and wide receiver, although I was just having some fun on offense. I seemed to start out a little slowly at defensive back, but once I made the adjustment to the type of talent I was going against, I think I did real well. I had a lot of pass deflections and a few interceptions."

Cash raised a few eyebrows when he arrived at Ohio State on Thursday evening dressed in a business suit and a tie.

"I definitely think I surprised a few people at Ohio State by the way I was dressed," Cash said with a laugh. "My intention was to come to see these people and make a good first impression. I was coming here to take care of business. I realize I'm not just representing my school, but also my state and my family. It's just the way my parents have raised me. To earn an offer from a school like Ohio State I had to show them I was serious about my work. I really want Ohio State to know that if they decide to recruit me that I will represent their school in a positive manner."

Cash, who will be staying in Columbus until Monday, plans to make the most of his first recruiting trip.

"I'm just going to take in the sights and try to get used to the city and the campus," he stated. "In case they offer me a scholarship, I want to be prepared to know everything I can about Ohio State, so I can make an informed decision. I'm interested in the city of Columbus, as well as Ohio State University. The indoor facility was beautiful and there is nothing like that at Miami."

Cash, 6-2 and 185 pounds, has lived in Miami his entire life and earned a top defensive back award at the Hurricane camp earlier this summer. He compared the only two programs he has visited so far in his young career.

"I loved Ohio State today and the only thing I missed was talking to Jim Tressel, but I plan on doing that over the next few days," he stressed. "I have to say right now I like Ohio State better, but I've lived in Miami all my life and this is the first trip I've taken outside the city. As things progress over the next few years I can tell you that Ohio State will always be one of the schools I look at very seriously all the way through. I need to check out other schools, but I couldn't be more impressed right now with Ohio State. I'm very glad I made this trip."

Buckeye assistant coach Luke Fickell is recruiting Cash, and the two worked well together on the field.

"Coach Fickell is a great person and we hit it off well," he said. "He was there to help me. He never said anything all day to put anyone down. He would point out what you were doing wrong but never in a negative way. His knowledge of the game of football was very impressive. He worked with me on my back-pedal, stressing to me not to over-extend myself. He also worked with me on running the 40-yard dash, teaching me to cut down on my steps to run a faster time. I came here to impress these coaches about the type of player and person I am, but I think I will leave here as a better football player."

Cash was asked to rate his day on a scale of one to ten, and his answer just might surprise some people.

"I would rate it as a nine, only taking off a point for the hot weather," Cash said laughing. "It was really hot out there today but I loved it. I showed up today with my game-face on and I was ready to do my best. I approached this camp just like I would on game day in high school. Hopefully the coaches liked what they saw out of me."

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