Local Tight End Turns Heads at OSU Camp

Among a huge group of prospective college football players to converge on the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on Friday in Columbus was Darien Bryant, a young local tight end who might be a player to keep an eye on for the future.

Darien Bryant made the short trip from Reynoldsburg to Ohio State's second advanced camp without any scholarship offers, but the 2011 prospect did not go home empty-handed.

Toledo extended an offer to him before the hot day was over, a move that surprised Bryant and left him hoping more are to come.

Previously, he has received mail from plenty of schools and had coaches from Wisconsin and Ball State visit his school.

After an MVP performance at a West Virginia camp two weeks ago, Bryant feels the Mountaineers have significant interest, and there is reason to think his profile may continue to rise after a performance that drew praise from coaches representing Bowling Green, Toledo and Ohio State on Friday.

Earlier in the week, one of his high school coaches let Bryant know Ohio State would like to see him at the camp.

The 6-4, 195-pound prospect displayed plenty of athleticism during drills in the WHAC and running patterns outside as well as the ability to stretch for tough catches in Columbus, proving his late invitation to the camp worthwhile.

"It was actually kind of shocking that I haven't gotten anything from them before and then they just said they wanted to see me, so we'll just see where it goes from here," he said.

He described himself as a good blocker as a tight end and an H-back in the Raiders' run-oriented offense.

Asked what he likes about football, he said, "Contact," and he prides himself as a player who plays with great effort.

As for summer camps, he thinks he is now finished for the year.

"I wasn't even going to come to this one until my coach said to, so I think I'm done," he said.

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