Rea's Day Blog: Top Ten Offensive Tackles

The old adage states that defense wins championships. Maybe so, but Ohio State seems to live and die (at least lately) with the way its offensive line plays. With that in mind, we offer our all-time list of the top 10 offensive tackles ever to play for the Buckeyes.

I don't think it's stretching it to say that the offensive line has been the Achilles' heel for the Ohio State football team these past few years.

Since 2005, the Buckeyes have enjoyed almost unprecedented success with four consecutive seasons of 10 victories or more, tying a school record. During those past four seasons, the team has 43 victories in 51 games, a winning percentage of .843.

What most critics choose to focus upon, however – whether they're right or whether they're wrong – are the eight losses. Seven of them have come against ranked teams. (Only the home loss to Illinois at the tail end of the '07 season came against unranked competition.) And six of the seven losses to ranked teams have comes against opponents ranked among the nation's top three.

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