Rea's Day Blog: Should Schlichter Be HOFer?

Former Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter remains the program's all-time passing yardage leader more than a quarter-century after his last game. Still, he is not a member of the university's Athletic Hall of Fame. Should he be?

With all due respect to Andy Katzenmoyer, Pandel Savic and the rest of the most recent class of inductees into the Ohio State Athletic Hall of Fame, it has always seemed a bit strange that the school's all-time leading passer remains on the outside looking in.

Your powers of deduction don't have to be much to figure how why Art Schlichter remains a hall of fame outsider. Nothing besmirches a reputation quite like a decade-long stretch in prison for a much-publicized gambling addiction.

In 1977, the athletic department, in cooperation with the Varsity "O" Alumni Association, established the hall of fame. According to the Varsity "O" constitution and bylaws, the hall was established "to pay tribute and extend the recognition to those individuals who through the years have contributed to the honor and fame of The Ohio State University in the field of Athletics, and who have continued to demonstrate, in their daily lives, the values learned in Intercollegiate Athletics."

There are several specific qualifications for nomination to the hall and Schlichter meets nearly every one of them. It has been five years or more since the graduation of his class, he earned the minimum of one varsity letter, and his records are so outstanding that there is no question as to the qualifications necessary for induction.

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