Bank Talks With Bucks: Michael Brewster

Bill Greene was able to do a lot of interviews on media day with players he had interviewed often in the past, mostly when they were being recruited. In this series, we will post a question-answer session with some of these players. Answers were candid and often quite funny. Let's hear from Mike Brewster in this edition of The Bank Talks With The Bucks.

Michael Brewster was the acknowledged leader of the 2008 top-rated Ohio State recruiting class. Brewster earned his way into a starting position in his freshman season and is now poised to have a great year in 2009.

Greene: Tell me about what you've done to be a better football player at Ohio State.

Brewster: "I'm definitely in better physical condition, number one. The second thing is I have totally wrapped myself around the offense. I'm far more confident in making calls this year."

(Sophomore offensive lineman J.B. Shugarts interrupts at this point and asks Brewster to "Tell Bill what you weighed against Texas last year." Brewster's answer is not suitable for print. Back to the interview.)

Greene, laughing: What is your weight right now?

Brewster: "I'm around 297 pounds. I've lost about seven percent body fat since January. That's a lot. I think I'm in really good shape and I'm ready to have a good year."

Greene: What is the difference between last year, when you were thrown in the starting lineup suddenly, and right now?

Brewster: "For me, the difference is my mental approach and my technique. Both of them are a lot better. I want to be able to build on what I did last year. This year I know what I'm doing and I'm playing football naturally, not like a robot. I thought I knew a lot about playing college football at this time last year. I was wrong. There is a right way, and a wrong way, of doing things. I'm focusing on constantly doing the right things."

Greene: Ohio State saw 28 seniors walk out the door last year. Is leadership strictly a senior thing? Are you too young to be a leader of this football team?

Brewster: "Terrelle (Pryor) and I need to be able to show leadership as the quarterback and center of this offense. We are also returning starters. We definitely need to make sure our offense is doing what it needs to do and people know where they're supposed to line up. I will certainly not shy away from voicing my opinion of what needs to be done on the field. I definitely have a loud bark out on the field. I'm not really a guy who speaks out in the team meeting room. That would be out of place for me. On the field, and on the practice field, you can be sure I will be taking care of business. I think I know my place on this team and I think I know when to speak, and when to shut up."

Greene: Your offensive line coach, Jim Bollman, is a favorite of the offensive linemen, but he has come under a lot of criticism from the fans. What are your comments about Jim Bollman?

Brewster: "Let me be clear, I wouldn't be at Ohio State if not for Coach Bollman. He's a great coach and I'm not real interested in what outsiders say, to tell you the truth. The bottom line is that players play the game. He does his job. I only wish all of us linemen, me included, did our jobs as well. This year we are going to show people that not only is he a great coach, but that we are a great offensive line. He takes a lot of heat for us. This year we need to pay him back for the abuse he has taken. If we aren't any good, then it's on us, the players. We are in a lot better shape than we were last year. I think things are a lot better this year in every way. Now, we need to get it done. It's time to shut up and play football."

Greene: My last question is this. After the Texas loss, you gathered a lot of players around you out on the field, and you spoke to them. Can you share what you said?

Brewster: "I can share some of it [laughter]. If I share all of it you will get fired and I'll get in trouble [more laughter]. Basically, I said that this cannot happen again. I told them to look around and not forget how horrible this feels. I was pretty ticked off and I was glad to see everyone else was too. I wasn't all negative though. I told the guys that we were going to leave our mark on this program before we left. And I told them the hard work begins tomorrow, the minute we get back, and we did that. Nathan Williams, in particular, really took that to heart and so did a lot of the guys. It was something that needed to be said right then, on the field, and not in the locker room. It couldn't wait until we landed in Columbus either, because I wanted to huddle as a group right there and get things straight. It wasn't just me talking either. A lot of the guys had to get things off their chest as well. Just you asking me about that game makes me sick to my stomach."

Greene: What the heck? How about one more last question? You guys got killed by USC, pardon my language, but how do you make up the difference between the two teams this year?

Brewster: "I gotta get moving, so walk with me. If I miss the bus I'm going to kill you. The USC game? It's a new season and we both have different players. I know we've trained harder than we did last year. We've talked about what happened out there last year, and not "nice-guy" talk either. We were embarrassed and now we get a second chance to make it right. Believe me, Terrelle didn't like that at all, but there's no sense talking about it, really. Let's let our play show if we learned anything or not, right?"

Greene: Can this team win a national championship?

Brewster, who stops walking, even though he gets yelled at again to get on the bus:"Dude, this team can win every game. We have enough talent. We just need guys to step up and play the way they can play. We don't need to play above our heads at all. We have all we need to win every single game. It starts with Navy. I think everyone is going to notice a different style of team this year."

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