Talking Quarterbacking With Art Schlichter

For the cover story of the football preview edition of Buckeye Sports Bulletin, I talked to folks about what it's like to be a second-year college quarterback (You might know the Buckeyes have one of those this year). Among those I spoke with: Art Schlichter.

If any quarterback can relate to what Terrelle Pryor went through last season, Art Schlichter is the one.

Thirty years after Pryor became Ohio State' s second true freshman regular starting quarterback, Schlichter was the first after freshman eligibility was established in 1972.

Both were highly recruited, in terms relatively speaking for their times, but Schlichter did not set the bar very high in terms of debuts. He threw five interceptions in a 19-0 loss to Penn State in the opening game of the 1978 season.

In Woody Hayes' final season as head coach at Ohio State, Schlichter led the Buckeyes to a 7-4-1 season. He finished with 1,250 yards passing, the second most in school history for a single season. He went on to break the single-season mark in each of his following three years and finish with 7.547 yards passing, a mark that still stands as the school record.

He was candid about his experiences at Ohio State under both Hayes and successor Earle Bruce, as you'll find in this Q-and-A.

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