A Final Look Back At Navy

How did Justin Boren feel about finally playing for Ohio State? Why did Jermale Hines have a "hangover" against Navy? Was this the greatest game in the history of Buckeye tight ends? The answers to these questions and more are in this final look back at the OSU season-opening victory against Navy.

Tomorrow begins the interview cycle leading up to Ohio State's showdown with USC, but first here's a final look back at what was being said following a tough victory against Navy.

Boren In Action: You know it was a firecracker of a game when the first appearance of former Michigan lineman Justin Boren in an OSU uniform resulted in nary a word written about him.

Boren was lucky in the sense that he was brought out for interviews approximately two seconds after quarterback Terrelle Pryor was, and the mass majority of the media quickly surrounded the sophomore. In the process, Boren was largely passed over – a fact he likely had little problem with.

"Justin is always mellow," said freshman fullback Zach Boren, Justin's younger brother. "He never says anything. He keeps his mind to himself. That's how he is. He's a tough guy. He never really shows any emotion."

Most of the questions lobbed at Justin focused on OSU's ill-fated fourth-and-two attempt in the fourth quarter that came up short and allowed Navy to hang around. However, he was asked what it meant to make his Buckeye debut after having spent the past year sitting out to satisfy NCAA transfer rules.

"I waited a long time and it was awesome," he said. "There were some butterflies and I was nervous because I haven't been out there in a game situation but it was awesome."

Boren had been sidelined by a knee injury during fall camp, but he said he is now fully healed.

"My knee felt fine," he said. "I didn't have any problems with the knee. I've been practicing for a year and a half, but a game situation is all different. It took me a little while to get adjusted and feel comfortable out there again."

A third Boren brother was in the house, as Jacoby Boren was a recruit on hand to take in the game as well.

"It was a great opportunity, especially for my brother being here as a recruit," Zach said. "The whole family was here. It was definitely a fun day. I thought Justin played great. It was a great opportunity to be out there with him."

Carter Impresses: True freshman Duron Carter wasted little time making an impression against the Midshipmen, snagging three passes in his collegiate debut.

"It was great," he said. "I love the fans. Running out is an experience of a lifetime. Only so many people get to do it. Running out I felt good. (Wide receivers) coach (Darrell) Hazell put me in the position where I could make a couple plays for my team."

After the game, Carter met up with 2011 OSU verbal commitment Ken Hayes and posed for pictures outside the team's locker room.

No Hangover For Hines: OSU defender Jermale Hines manned a position unique to the defense the Buckeyes had to employ to combat Navy. Although he initially told reporters the position was called the "hangover," he later corrected himself and said it was called the "overhang."

Asked to describe the responsibilities that came with the position, Hines said, "Basically you mirror the wing everywhere you go and you basically have the pitch. It was just for Navy."

As a 15-point fourth-quarter deficit was cut all the way down to two points, Hines said he felt the Buckeyes let their collective foot off the gas a little bit.

"I felt that as an overall defense, we relaxed a little bit and that's something you can't do, especially with these guys," he said. "On any play, they're liable to break one. I felt we relaxed, but I felt overall we did a decent job of eye control."

That attitude apparently changed when things got tough.

"As a whole unit, our tempo and energy weren't as crazy as they were at the beginning of the game," he said. "Once they drove the ball, everybody focused back in."

Senior captain Doug Worthington said that attitude was not reflective of the defense as a whole, but rather of individuals on a play-by-play basis.

"I wouldn't say we let off to the point where we gave them the game, but you've got to play your one-eleventh," he said. "One play maybe somebody was off a tad and didn't get in their gap and they made us pay for it."

Best Day Ever? Last season, OSU tight ends combined to haul in a total of 11 passes in 13 games. In the season opener against Navy, senior Jake Ballard has three catches and redshirt freshman Jake Stoneburner recorded his first career grab.

Four catches in one game. Was this the greatest day in the history of Buckeye tight ends?

"I hope not," Stoneburner said with a laugh. "I hope sometime soon maybe we each get to score, but it was a good day. The whole preseason people were talking about if they were going to throw to the tight ends or not and we caught four passes today. It's only going to get brighter for us."

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