Irizarry comes back to OSU

The recruitment of Louis Irizarry has been a crazy one, and it has taken one final turn today as he has re-committed to Ohio State.

Bucknuts' Duane Long spoke to Louis Irizarry at 10:30 this morning, and Louis surprised Duane by telling him that he had re-committed to the Buckeyes. Duane asked if he had made it public yet, and Louis responded that he had not but that he told Tressel on Wednesday night. Louis was going to let his mother talk to the other callers from that point on.

How did Louis feel after his re-committment? "I feel like I am at home. I am at peace now. I learned to be careful in the process. I am glad it's over".

Louis had been in touch with the coaching staff at Miami. It was implied that Miami had planned to move Eric Winston from tight end to the offensive line but it was discovered that wasn't going to happen. Also, the Hurricane coaches never told Louis that JUCO superstar Kevin Everett was already enrolled at Miami.

Both parents supported this change of directuion and the final chapter in the recruiting of Louis Irizarry appears to have been written.

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