Miller Leads Wayne Past Canton McKinley

Huber Heights [Ohio] Wayne defeated Canton McKinley 27-14 last Saturday night at Fawcett Stadium in Canton. Wayne was led by all-everything junior quarterback Braxton Miller. Miller, who has scholarship offers from most of the top programs in America, spoke with Bill Greene after the win.

The battle between two of the top junior prospects in Ohio certainly lived up to all the hype as both Canton McKinley defensive end Steve Miller and Huber Heights Wayne quarterback Braxton Miller had great performances in the 27-14 Wayne victory.

Braxton Miller, 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds, was sharp all evening long and exhibited great poise and leadership ability. Miller was 18 for 38 passing the football for 230 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran 12 times for 58 yards and added another touchdown.

"It was great playing a great team like McKinley, and we feel fortunate to win the game," Miller said. "This was a great atmosphere and a tough place to play. The two defensive ends played contain all night and they stopped me from getting outside the pocket. They were both really good players. Their coach was smart and had a great game plan. They probably saw us on film and came up with that defense. I was able to get outside a few times and made a couple plays for us."

Both of Miller's touchdown passes went for more than 40 yards, and on both plays he showed amazing arm strength and accuracy.

"I'm pretty good in a scramble situation and I can find open receivers," he said. "I can stay in the pocket if I have but I feel I'm better at making plays on the run. The touchdown pass before halftime seemed to turn the momentum in our favor. The second one kind of put the game away for us. Our receivers can make plays, so it's my job to get them the football. I need to get better at reading coverages but I think I've improved in that area."

Wayne head coach Jay Minton, one of the more respected coaches in Ohio, spoke glowingly of his star quarterback.

"Braxton is in a league of his own," Minton stated. "I've coached some great players before, guys like Marcus Freeman and the Bellisari bothers, but I've never had a kid like this before. There are some little things he needs to work on, but he has all the big things down pat. He's willing to learn and he's willing to be coached to get better. He has been blessed by God with great skill. He is a great competitor and he wants to win so badly. He knows clock management and he's quick with the football. The sky is the limit for Braxton."

Miller is attracting attention from college recruiters from all across the country. He already has more than 20 offers, including Miami (Fla.), LSU, Michigan and Ohio State.

"I look at the recruiting stuff and I follow all my offers, but I'm not too worried about it at all," he said. "I'll probably make my decision some time next year. Distance won't be a factor and I could go far away. I'm going to see Ohio State when they play USC and I'm looking forward to checking that game out. I like Ohio State a lot and they're pretty high up there for me, but it's all pretty early right now."

Canton McKinley defensive end Steve Miller, who also is attracting a lot of recruiting attention, had a great game in defeat and that did not go unnoticed by the Wayne signal-caller.

"Steve Miller is a great defensive end, no doubt about it," he said. "He's a great athlete and the toughest defensive player I've faced so far. I have to give it to him for his play out there. If he keeps working hard he's going to go far in this game. Someday I might be playing on the same team with him."

SCOUTING REPORT on Braxton Miller: Braxton Miller is as good as advertised and might be better than people think. He's the best junior quarterback prospect I've ever seen in Ohio in person. He has no apparent weakness. He has an arm that would be a ten on a scale of 1-10. He has legitimate sub-4.5 speed and has great pocket presence. He is equally adept at throwing on the run, or from the pocket. He is above average at seeing the entire field and he will only get better as he plays the position. He is getting great coaching at Wayne and it's easy to see why Jay Minton and his staff are so highly regarded. I would definitely rate Braxton Miller as a five-star prospect and one of the top prospects in America.

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