Rea's Say: OSU Can Beat USC, And Here's How

Take last year's first half performance, add in two key ingredients, and you have the makings of an Ohio State win over USC. We'll explain how that works along with plenty of OSU-USC tidbits, news from Around the Country, This Week in College Football History and the return of the Fearless Forecast.

I'll come right out and say it now. Ohio State will beat Southern California on Saturday night.

That's not a gut feeling, that's not wishful thinking. It comes from analyzing a few key factors in the game and coming to a logical conclusion.

Most people remember only one thing about last year's game – the final score. The Trojans buried the Buckeyes to the tune of 35-3, sending down another cacophonous chorus of how Ohio State feasts on Big Ten cupcakes every season and folds like an old card table in big games.

Those of us who were in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum last year know things were not exactly as bad as the final score indicated. Critics conveniently forget that the Buckeyes actually held an early 3-0 lead.

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