Junior Prospect - Jimmy Calhoun

We continue to look at the state of Ohio's top upcoming seniors today with an interview with one of the top players in the Southwest Ohio region this year, Middletown RB Jimmy Calhoun.

One of Ohio's higher-rated players in this upcoming senior class is running back Jimmy Calhoun of Middletown.  Ohio's Future Stars magazine has Jimmy as one of the top 30 players right now, and Duane Long says "He has really good vision and a nice frame."  We talked with Jimmy lately to find out more about him and what his early school preferences are.

What is your current height, weight and 40-time?

"I'm about 6 foot, I weigh about 195, 193, somewhere around there.  I haven't ran a 40-time in a while, but the last time I ran it was around a 4.5 or a 4.49."

Describe your game.

"I'm more of an I-formation, run-between-the-tackles type of person.  I like that kind of offense. I don't mind going head up with anybody, but I like to cut a move on somebody every once in a while too!"

What were your stats last season?

"I had 1,087 yards… I cannot remember off the top of my head how many attempts I had."

Have you played different positions? 

My sophomore year I played wide receiver… we passed a lot then then.

Are you going to play RB in college?

"I hope so.  That's what I like to play."

Do you have any favorites right now?

"I visited Florida, and I liked it a lot down there.  I visited Northwestern, and I loved it there, it was real beautiful.  I've been up to Ohio State a few times and I'm going to Boston on Feburary 8th.  I've been to Notre Dame too… but right now I liked Northwestern, Ohio State, and Florida."

What schools have been contacting you the most?

"Purdue was in yesterday to talk to me.  I've had a lot of local schools like Miami (OH).  They've visted, and the Northwestern coaches have called, and Coach Conley's (from OSU) called a few times."

Do you have any offers or has someone said they would offer?

No, not officially.  Miami (OH) has said we'll get together after February 8th and talk.

What three schools you haven't heard from yet would you like to hear from?

"I've gotten letters a lot from Penn State, but I'd like for them to be more interested.  I'd like Florida State too, and maybe Stanford."

Which ones would you like to go to this year?

"I'm going to the Ohio State senior camp, the Northwestern camp for a day, our team is going to West Virginia for a day, and hopefully to Florida." 

What will be the most important criteria for you in choosing a school?

"Family. Family and how great of an academic school it is."

What are some of the things you like to do away from football, such as hobbies or activities in school?

"I don't know… I play baseball too, and basically I've been spending most of my time training…"

Will staying close to home be important?


Do you have a favorite NFL player?  If so, who?

"A lot of people say I look like a Robert Smith or Eddie George-type of back, but I want to be like Walter Payton."

Who do you think's going to win the Super Bowl?


When do you think you might decide?

"Hopefully I'll have one before the season starts.  I'm going to graduate in January."

Who are some of the tougher players you've played against?

"We scrimmaged Massillon so I played against (Shawn) Crable, I played against A.J. Hawk twice, E.J. Underwood, Marcus Freeman, we went head-to-head this year, that was pretty fun… Derrick Jeffries, Mike Daniels… a pretty quick guy from Springfield South (Jerrod Gaines), Anthony Turner (star junior QB, Dayton Chaminade-Julienne), Pernell Williams (star junior RB, Dayton Jefferson), Brandon Maupin… we have a lot of big-time players around here." 

Do you know what your major will be?

"I'm leaning towards law and medical as of now, but I really don't know for sure yet."

How long have you been playing football?

"I think I was seven when I started, seven or eight, but it's in my family though.  My dad was pretty good in school." 

Do you get on the Internet a lot?  

"Yeah, I like to look and see what guy's I've played against are going places."

Jimmy also said in addition to Coach Conley from OSU, he's talked to Northwestern head coach Randy Walker, Boston College head coach Tom O'Brien, and coaches from Florida as well.  Expect Jimmy to be one of the top running backs in a deep class of Ohio talent this year, and you can stay tuned for more updates on him throughout the season!   

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