Overheard at Ohio State: USC Week

From the reporter's notebook, we look back at what kinds of things were discussed this week as Ohio State prepared to play host to Southern California under the lights at Ohio Stadium.

Every week during the season on the Ohio State football beat, we get more information than we could ever put into a story on BuckeyeSports.com, so this is a weekly feature that tries to touch on everything that made its way into my reporter's notebook. You might find tidbits you missed or more details about something else you saw just a bit of during the week during the lead up to the Buckeyes' clash with USC.

Those talking this week include players Cameron Heyward, Jake Ballard and Andre Amos, plus assistant coaches Jim Bollman and Jim Heacock. As always, Jim Tressel had his say as well.

To see what was overheard at Ohio State this week, check out the latest post in the Cus Words Blog.

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