Cash Receives Coveted Buckeye Offer reported yesterday that Plantation, Fla., junior Jeremy Cash would be meeting today with the Ohio State coaching staff. Today we can report that Cash received a scholarship offer from Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel. Bill Greene spoke to Cash and filed this report.

Back in July, Plantation, Fla., junior Jeremy Cash, one of the top prospects in the Sunshine State, visited Ohio State to attend the Buckeye summer camp.

Cash raised plenty of eyebrows when he arrived to meet the Buckeye coaching staff wearing a business suit. Needless to say, this was not the typical high school visitor.

"I definitely think I surprised some people at Ohio State by the way I was dressed," Cash told at the time. "My intention was to come see these people and make a good first impression. I was coming here to take care of business."

After receiving a scholarship offer from Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel during the morning of Sept. 14, it appears that Jeremy Cash has indeed taken care of business.

"I wanted to call you and tell you I was offered by Ohio State today," Cash said. "I was on a tour of the campus with my parents and they brought us into Coach Tressel's office to speak with him. I was kind of shocked when he told me I had the offer. He told us they had only offered a limited amount of juniors, including me. I was like in shock and I looked at him to make sure I was hearing him correctly."

Once Cash realized the Buckeye head coach was totally serious he and his parents took a moment to thank Jim Tressel for the scholarship offer.

"We all looked at him and thanked him," Cash said. "My parents had never met Coach Tressel before and they were blown away by his presentation. He told me I was the type of person, and the type of player he wants to recruit at Ohio State. After being at the game Saturday night and seeing everything at Ohio State the past two days, I can say I'm very interested in playing football for Ohio State."

Although Cash did not accept the offer he admitted there was a moment where he nearly made a commitment to Coach Tressel.

"I did not take the offer, and I want to be clear about that," Cash said. "It was tempting though and the thought ran through my mind to take it. It's nice to have the offer from Ohio State and I'm certainly honored to have it, but I think it's too soon to commit to a school this early into my junior year. I still want to look and see what other schools have to offer."

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