Overheard at Ohio State: Toledo Week

A week after a crushing loss yielded lots of interesting conversation, both from within and outside of the program. This week we look at what the Buckeyes and their coaches were saying as well as take a closer look at some harsh criticisms.

Every week during the season on the Ohio State football beat, we get more information than we could ever put into a story on BuckeyeSports.com, and in this weekly feature I try to touch on as many topics as possible by sharing everything that made its way into my reporter's notebook. You might find tidbits you missed or more details about something else you saw just a bit of during the week during the lead up to the Buckeyes' trip to Cleveland to take on Toledo.

Among those talking this week were Doug Worthington, Bryant Browning, Dan Herron, Luke Fickell and Nick Siciliano. Of course, Jim Tressel got his say as well during a longer-than-usual Tuesday presser.

Follow this link to see what was overheard in the world of Ohio State football this week.

And while you are at the Cus Words Blog, you can check out a lengthy inspection and breakdown of the criticisms leveled at Tressel's gameplan on Yahoo Sports at the beginning of the week.

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