Bank's Buckeye Recruiting Breakdown

Since it appears Ohio State might only be able to take seven or eight more commitments, it's time to take a look at the remaining candidates to fill out the Buckeye class. Bill Greene has narrowed his list to 18 prospects and takes a look at the chances of each player signing with Ohio State.

Let's take a look at who might get the remaining spots in the 2010 Ohio State recruiting class. Ohio State has secured verbal commitments from 13 players and I think they will be able to fit eight more into this class.

The Defensive Back Prospects
Buckeyes want: three.

   Lamarcus Joyner: I still feel the Buckeyes are in good shape with Joyner, even though he's playing his recruiting very close to the vest. In the end there is a very good chance Joyner will be a Buckeye. RATING- Hopeful.

   Josh Shaw: Another prospect that visited for the USC game. Has had Ohio State at the top of his list for a while. I think he is odds-on to be in this class on signing day. RATING- Probable.

   Christian Bryant: Cleveland Glenville = Buckeye. He's a great player and maybe the most underrated prospect in Ohio. Can play safety or corner. Off to a great start to his senior season. RATING- IN.

   Latwan Anderson: Cleveland Glenville = Buckeye. There's no way Anderson has a Buckeye offer today without Ted Ginn's recommendation to Jim Tressel. There's also no way Ted Ginn has Jim Tressel offer Latwan Anderson without knowing full well what school Anderson will choose. RATING- IN.

  Keion Payne: Joyner's teammate at St. Thomas Aquinas. Payne has no offer, despite reports to the contrary. He could get a late offer if three of the prospects listed above go elsewhere, but that's not happening. RATING- Out.

   Gideon Ajagbe: Another Florida prospect the Buckeyes were in on early. Ajagbe visited for the USC game, but that was only because he had to be in Cleveland over the weekend. Of course the Buckeyes wouldn't refuse his request for a ticket, but he's not coming to Ohio State. RATING- Out.

   Cullen Christian: The Pennsylvania star visited for the USC game but I think that's all window dressing. I think Christian is a good player but he's headed north to play for Michigan. RATING- Not happening.

The Linebacker Prospects
Buckeyes want: 1.

   Jordan Hicks: Visited for USC and reportedly had a great time. Will take visits to Texas, Florida and possibly USC. The visits tell the tale, but the Buckeyes have the home-state advantage. RATING- Hopeful.

  Jeff Luc: Visited Ohio State last summer for camp and reportedly had developed a relationship with linebacker coach Luke Fickell. Luc is staying in the South and will not be signing with Ohio State. RATING- Out.

The Defensive Line Prospects
Buckeyes want 1......possibly.

   Johnathon Hankins: Not much doubt the Michigan defensive tackle wants to be part of this class. There are questions regarding his academic standing and physical conditioning. This one will happen late in the game, if it happens at all. RATING- Questionable.

Special Teams Prospects
Buckeyes want: 1

   Will Hagerup: This kid is the only specialist the Buckeyes would consider after adding Basil as a kicker. Hagerup is one of the top punters in the country and would be a welcome addition. Had a great visit for USC. RATING- Hopeful.

The Running Back Prospects
Buckeyes want: 1.

   Carlos Hyde: The big man is still very much in the picture. If he can get himself qualified academically and stay in reasonable football shape, I think he's in. He is probably the first option for the Buckeyes since he was targeted to be in the 2009 class. RATING- Probable.

   Erick Howard: He just might end up being the odd man out in this class. He was given academic targets to hit and it appears he just might succeed in hitting them. The numbers crunch could cause the Buckeyes to look elsewhere, especially if Hyde makes the grade. I see no scenario where Ohio State takes both Hyde and Howard. RATING- Questionable.

The Offensive Line Prospects
Buckeyes want: 2.

    Chaz Green: The big man out of Tampa keeps listing the Buckeyes as a school of interest, but there is one big problem. He's not coming to Ohio State, although they would take him in a heartbeat. RATING- Out.

    Seantrelle Henderson: The top prospect in the country is the number one target on the Ohio State recruiting board. Reportedly had a great time at the USC game, but that's a double-edged sword because USC is one of his favorites. This one probably goes right to the end and the Buckeyes will stay on him until the fax is sent. RATING- Hopeful.

    Brandon Linder- Another great out of state lineman. Linder is with Joyner at St. Thomas Aquinas and would be welcomed with open arms. Was supposed to visit unofficially last summer but passed. Was supposed to visit for the USC game but passed. RATING- Out.

     Matt James: The Cincinnati St. Xavier prospect is keeping his recruiting close to the vest. He talks about visiting Florida again, but he doesn't hold a Gator offer and landing one is not likely. I think the odds are that he ends up a Buckeye in the end. RATING- Hopeful.

      Skyler Schofner: Look up Plan-B recruit in your dictionary and you will see Schofner smiling back at you. His chances at an offer depend on both Henderson and James going elsewhere. The Buckeyes could just go ahead and offer him now and live with four linemen should the above two prospects decide to be Buckeyes. Schofner is raw but has a world of potential. Waiting until the last minute probably is not going to get this kid. RATING- Questionable.

Summing up:

    There is a lot that is unsettled right now for the 2010 Ohio State recruiting class. Low numbers, combined with a lot of high-profile recruits, pretty much guarantees that this won't get settled until signing day.

    Right now, Ohio State is positioned to go either way in the recruiting rankings. Should they start landing players like Joyner, Shaw and Henderson, you will see this class rise to near the top of the charts.

    On the other hand, if some of the top players go elsewhere, Ohio State will be forced to either settle for lesser prospects, or try to get in on higher rated players late in the game.

    Either way, this recruiting class is not likely to start to take shape until later this fall, after more official visits are concluded.


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