James Lee & Ira Guilford

OSU is trying to finish up their recruiting class, and two prospects who they are hot on the trail of are offensive lineman James Lee and defensive back Ira Guilford. We have updates on each player today.

Things are coming to an end for Ira Guilford, the outstanding DB/RB from Hoboken, NJ. I told him that someone said he was going to announce at 5 PM (yesterday). He laughed and said, "I had a press conference, but nobody told me about it."

The coaches from both OSU and ND are coming to make their final visits. "Coach Synder, Coach Spencer, Coach Tucker and Coach Heacock (from OSU) are supposed to be here (today)," he said. "I am also going to get a visit from Coach Willingham. After that I will sit down and decide."

"Notre Dame is recruiting me for either side of the ball, but they want me to try safety first. Ohio State said I was athletic enough to play corner, but they want me as a safety."

Ira couldn't talk much more after that. "I have to go," he said. "Coach Tressel is on the other line."

Meanwhile, things are also getting active for Florida offensive lineman James Lee, who seems to be favoring Florida and OSU right now. "I enjoyed it at Florida and at Ohio State," he said. "Nice coaches. The people were nice. I got along well with everyone at both places."

James is also scheduled to visit Georgia, but things seem uncertain regarding that. "I don't know if I am going to take that Georgia visit," he said. "I will speak to them tomorrow and we will see after that."

The OSU coaches have been in continuous contact. "I spoke to Coach Snyder and Coach Tressel earlier (yesterday evening)," he said. "Coach Bollman is supposed to be down Friday for an in home visit."

James also talked about what positions he can play. "Everyone is talking to me about tackle. but I can play guard too."

It's been pretty darn cold up in Ohio recently... is that going to be a factor?

"The cold really didn't bother me at Ohio State," he said. "That won't be a factor."

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