Bucknuts Fan Club Notes

Hello Fans,

Once again, our mailing list is not working.  Everyone's had a situation like this -- we say it's not working, but the company who hosts the list say it is.  

We are going to have a chat TOMORROW at 3 pm EST... details to be posted on the message board and on the front page tomorrow.  If you haven't been checking the club message board lately, you should... there has been some good stuff posted there lately.

Recruiting season is coming to a close... one week from today, it will all be over.  I am certainly not a recruiting guru, nor will I ever pretend to be one (nor do I even want to be one).  Therefore, you should not take what I am about to do seriously.  Since the recruiting season is winding down though, I want to post some predictions on where the players still on OSU's radar screen are going to wind up.  Some are educated guesses, while others are based on the same amount of info that most fans have.  Here goes:

--Ira Guilford: I know about a report circulating about him going to ND.  I did get a bit concerned when I saw that Tyrone Willingham was going to be visiting today.  I got off the phone yesterday with Ashton Youboty's coach, who told me that Coach Tressel coming to make that December visit had a big impact on him.  I wonder what effect Willingham's visit will have.  But for so long, it has been Ohio State... I will believe the pick is not OSU when I see it, so I will predict OSU.

--James Lee: He will be joining us on the Bucknuts Radio Hour today, during which he will certainly be harassed by Mr. Bucknuts.  We will find out more about his intentions then, but I get the impression he may be leaning ever-so-slightly to OSU.  If I had to guess, I would predict OSU.  But it's tough to say.  Let's hope he doesn't visit UGa.  A lot of people are pointing out that UGa is bringing in a bunch of linemen, but what they are not pointing out is that is because UGa got cleaned out on the offensive line, so there will be opportunities. Of course, there will be opportunities at OSU in 2004 as the Buckeyes will lose Clarke, Stepanovich, Olivea, Bishop, and Douglas.  

(Speaking of Florida, has anyone had a better January?  Chris Leak, Dee Webb, Reggie Nelson, Chad Jackson, and now they got a monster commitment from Earl Everett... they are doing quite well this month.) 

--Aaron Sears: He'd be a coup, and he seems to be a guy OSU is going to hold a spot for.  I will guess Auburn though... he is very hard to read, so I will go with the in-state school where there are family connections.

--Marcel Frost: Will he want to play offense or defense?  If he doesn't mind defense, I think he will go to OSU.  I predict he is swayed and becomes a Buckeye.  

--Shawn Crable: I predict Michigan, although it's hard to tell.  No one knows for sure, although the most persuasive pieces of info I have heard point towards him being a Wolverine.

--Michael Bush: Last year's signing day gift was Derek Morris.  I think this year's signing day gift will be Mike Bush, but that's just a guess.  The O-Zone reported on an interview he did on local TV where he liked OSU, but Louisville is still left on his visit list.  I think the Buckeyes will get him although it's a bit tough to tell.

That will put the Buckeyes at 18.  We'll see how wrong I am.  Regardless of what happens from here, I like the class.  If OSU adds no one else (I have a hard time believing that will happen), I still like it.  They've added a quality quarterback in Todd Boeckman.  They've added a solid receiver in Devin Jordan, and if Dareus Hiley is at WR, they have an electric addition.  They have a blue-chip TE in Louis Irizarry.  

Defensively, they've done outstanding.  You can't ask for a much better DL haul as Sian Cotton (sorry Mr. Bucknuts, I am very much believing that Sian will be a DT in college), David Patterson (the next Darrion Scott type), Brandon Maupin (we've been discussing him on the boards... no one can wait to see a 6-7, 280-290 pound DE), and Stanley McClover (to me, possibly the most exciting of all of them and the one destined to be the QB killer) are going to keep the Buckeye defensive line strong.  At linebacker, it might have been nice to add one more player, but Reggie Smith is a very good addition... someone who seems very underrated.  As far as DB goes, it was a need coming in, and they addressed it wonderfully in getting Ashton Youboty, Donte Whitner, Curt Lukens, and Tony Gonzalez.  

Last, but not least, we can't forget about Cliff Reynolds and Cedric Scott.  Cliff will be one everyone wants to see this spring; it will be fun to watch since he's going to be prepared physically, and Cedric to me sounds like a guy with different possibilities as he could get a look at either LB or FB.

Right now, the only gripe is on OL.  I like the addition of Kirk Barton; he has the most intriguing physical attributes of any of the Ohio offensive linemen.  I think though that everyone would like to see at least one more

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