Glenville Holds Annual Scrimmage

Cleveland Glenville might be the only team in America that holds a full-contact scrimmage during the middle of the season, but it's a tradition that dates back over 30 years. The Red and Black scrimmage was full of intensity and the players approached it like a playoff game. Bill Greene was on hand to see the action.

I'll bet you can't name too many high school teams that had a full-contact scrimmage this week, but I can name one for you: Cleveland Glenville.

The Tarblooders conducted their annual Red and Black scrimmage Thursday afternoon. The event has been a Glenville tradition that dates back more than 30 years and head coach Ted Ginn Sr. is determined to see it continue.

"We're trying to stay as polished as possible right now," Ginn said of his team's participation in the scrimmage. "We can possibly get a better level of competition through this scrimmage than we might get in our league right now. But the main reason we do this is the Red and Black game is a tradition that's gone on here for over 30 years. I played in this game in 1974. We do this every year and the kids look forward to it."

The scrimmage was played at a level usually reserved for state playoff games, and that pleased the head coach.

"This is a chance for them to get better as individual players," Ginn said. "They take this very seriously. We have a draft and we let the coordinators coach the teams. This is a big thing to everyone associated with our program. We need to use this to get better as a team."

Although Glenville is considered a contender for the Division I state title, Ginn feels his team has much room for improvement.

"We've got a lot to work on," he said. "We've had some easy games and playing in the Senate League we don't get tested very much. The last three weeks we've won each game by over 40 points, so we need this type of workout to push each other to improve. We've scored on a lot of turnovers, punt returns and kick returns, so we're not getting a lot of work running our offense. We need to get a lot sharper and crisper before we even think about competing in the playoffs."

Ginn spoke about what winning his first state championship would mean to this storied program.

"First off, we need to be more disciplined to win a state title, and we preach that every single day," Ginn said. "You have to stay focused for 16 weeks and you have to get a little lucky to win one. Some people think winning a state title is the end of the world, but there are far more important goals I have in mind to accomplish. To my kids it means everything, but to me, their lives means far more. Every father wants to see his kids be happy and these kids want a state title so bad. I can say this team has a chance to be the best team we've had since I've been here. And we should be even better next year because we are a very young team, with a lot of talented juniors. So things are good at Cleveland Glenville."

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