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Guest one was Larry Cox, head coach at West Chester Lakota West.  Coach Cox started by talking about Brandon Maupin:

  • Brandon has overcome some big obstacles to get where he is, but it's all been Brandon's effort.  He has played the cards he has been dealt and has come up with a winning hand.
  • Pittsburgh was probably the runner-up for Brandon.  Some of the reasons he chose OSU included the fact that he felt comfortable with Coach Heacock, saw stability with Coach Tressel, and could see going to OSU even if he had not been playing football. 
  • Brandon has outstanding pass rush moves, which is what was so impressive at OSU camp.  When a man his size is coming around the outside, it really obscures the QBs view.

Coach Cox also talked about junior OL Steve Rehring, who will be one of Ohio's top OL this coming year.  Steve's goal is to play in the NFL, and he has backed it up with his actions and work ethic.  Right now, he's about 6-7 or 6-8 and 315 pounds.  He wants to enroll in college early.  Ryan Hamby is one of his neighbors, and they've talked about playing together.

Guest two was OL prospect James Lee from Florida:

  • James wasn't well-known a couple of months ago, but things have picked up in a hurry.  "It's getting a little crazy," he said, "but I'm hanging in there."
  • James is being visited by Coach Bollman on Friday.  He plans to decide on signing day.  He put OSU's chances at over 50%.
  • Impressively, James played his first year as an offensive lineman this year, and he won both All-Area and All-State.

Guest three was TE Marcel Frost from Lyndhurst Brush, who is currently visiting OSU:

  • The Buckeyes are looking at him as a DE.  Marcel said earlier in the process it might have mattered to him where he played, but not now.  He had 15 sacks this season and led the team in tackles. 
  • He is having a press conference Friday.  He said OSU's chances are greater than 50%, but it is kind of close right now.

Special thanks to Coach Cox, James Lee and Marcel Frost for the interviews!


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