Overheard at Ohio State: Minnesota Week

Hard to remember a more eventful week on the Ohio State beat. Jim Tressel defended himself and his quarterback Tuesday, then Terrelle Pryor took up his own cause Wednesday. The youngster did quite well for himself, as you will find if you read on.

Every week during the season on the Ohio State football beat, we get more information than we could ever put into a story on BuckeyeSports.com, and in this weekly feature I try to touch on as many topics as possible by sharing everything that made its way into my reporter's notebook. You might find tidbits you missed or more details about something else you saw just a bit of during the week as the Buckeyes prepared to play host to Minnesota.

This week was one for much introspection after the Buckeyes lost a stunner at Purdue last week.

The star of the Ohio State beat this week was unquestionably Terrelle Pryor, who in the midst of having seemingly everyone question his ability to be a college quarterback, spoke to reporters with a previously unseen ease and comfort, but we also heard from players DeVier Posey, Doug Worthington and Bryant Browning and assistant coaches Nick Siciliano, Paul Haynes and Dick Tressel. Of course, Jim Tressel got his say as well, and you can find it all in the newest post in the Cus Words Blog.

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