November Recruiting Update To Bank On

After a few months of no surprises and little movement, there appears to be some serious activity brewing for the 2010 Ohio State recruiting class. Three new names have hit the radar, with two of them having visited for the Minnesota game. Bill Greene takes a look at the current state of the 2010 Buckeye recruiting class

The 2010 Ohio State recruiting class took an exciting turn this past week with the visits of Deon Rogers (a Georgia commit) and Sharrif Floyd. Another possibility is Pennsylvania defensive back Cullen Christian, once thought to be a Michigan lock.

With 13 commitments in the book right now, and the possibility of this class taking as many as 20, let's take a look at how things stand today.


Matt James: The Buckeyes have a commitment from Andrew Norwell and would like to add two more offensive linemen. James has had a great senior season and says he's down to Ohio State, Notre Dame and Cincinnati. James isn't giving much information on where he's leaning and his decision figures to come after the first of the year. RATING: Hopeful.

Seantrelle Henderson: The nations top prospect visited for the USC game and reportedly had a great time, as did his parents. Henderson is considering Notre Dame, USC, Minnesota and others. Ohio State is probably sitting in good shape to land this budding star. His remaining visits will tell the tale, and this is another late decision. RATING: Hopeful.

Brandon Linder: Linder is a name that continues to be in the mix of every potential list. He told me after his game against Miramar that he was definitely visiting Ohio State, but no date had been set yet. I would expect that to take place in early December. I see Miami as the heavy favorite, but if Ohio State gets him on campus the odds go up a little in the Buckeye's favor. RATING: Longshot.

Skyler Schofner: Schofner is being kept warm while the Buckeyes pursue the three players listed above. If Ohio State fails to land two of the above, look for Schofner to receive the offer he covets. This is a perfect example of a Plan-B recruit. RATING: Waiting for offer.

Carlos Hyde: Hyde is at Fork Union Military in Virginia and is doing everything needed to get accepted at Ohio State. It appears Ohio State wants to add one more back, and this spot is up for grabs between Hyde and Erick Howard, with Hyde holding a lead in that race. RATING: Probable.

Erick Howard: Howard was given a set of conditions he needed to achieve in order to receive an Ohio State offer. Early returns are not good and Howard's chances of being a Buckeye are fading fast, if they aren't already gone. It's not clear how long Ohio State will wait on academic improvement, and the sands are running out of the hour glass. RATING: Doubtful.


Sharrif Floyd: This is the biggest name of the three new candidates to hit the board recently. Floyd is one of the top defensive linemen in the country, and this is a huge need for Ohio State. Floyd visited for the Minnesota game and saw first-hand how the Buckeyes are using true freshman Johnny Simon. Getting him on campus was a major coup for Ohio State and this one will be closely monitored over the next few months. RATING: Longshot.

Johnathon Hankins: Hankins appears to have academic issues to tend to, but it seems there is a mutual agreement between Ohio State and the player that he will be welcomed into this class if he does what's being asked of him. I believe Ohio State would take both Floyd and Hankins should both decide to pledge to the Buckeyes. RATING: Hopeful.

Jordan Hicks: Not too much has changed with Hicks but it seems that Texas and Florida have pulled even with Ohio State. I do not see USC and Alabama as real players to land this coming superstar. Hicks will probably be a signing day decision, and he's a prospect every school will wait to the last minute to land. RATING: Hopeful.

Deon Rogers: The Rogers' visit would be met with more excitement had his more storied teammate, Jeff Luc, showed up in Columbus with him. Rogers is committed to Georgia and there is no reason to think he won't be honoring that commitment. Would Ohio State accept his pledge without a similar commitment from Luc? RATING: Doubtful.

Lamarcus Joyner: The defensive back recruiting will probably be the most fun to watch heading down the stretch. Joyner's situation probably hasn't changed much at all in the past few months. He's been to Columbus three times since April, and continues to speak highly of the Buckeye program. I feel this is a two team battle, with Florida State and Ohio State fighting over "Six-star." RATING: Hopeful.

Christian Bryant: The most underrated prospect in Ohio. Bryant choosing anyone but Ohio State would be the upset of the year. RATING: Buckeye.

Latwan Anderson: Anderson's recruitment has been a mystery from the beginning, and there just might be a few more twists and turns to go. There are rumblings that Anderson's academic performance did not match his play on the field. If he makes it academically I see him as a Buckeye. That might be a big IF. RATING: Hopeful.

Josh Shaw: This is the wild card of the 2010 recruiting class. Shaw has given indications that he is Buckeye-bound, but until you receive his fax, you have to hold your breath. Shaw's recruiting updates make you want to inject him with truth serum. Marcus Hall would be proud of Shaw's statements to the recruiting writers. RATING: Hopeful.

Cullen Christian: Hold onto your hat, Cullen Christian is officially a Buckeye possibilty. I was told recently that Christian, once thought to be a Michigan lock, is anything but that. In fact, I was told today that this is a full-blown battle between several teams, and Christian signing with Michigan would be an upset. This one deserves a lot of attention over the next few months. Christian was in Columbus for the USC game, and reportedly will return for Iowa. RATING: Hopeful.

In summation, this ride figures to be exciting right through signing day, with many legitimate possibilities still existing. There will be more room than was once thought, as I do not expect to see every eligible Buckeye returning in 2010. Ohio State can still finish with a tremendous class, but we won't know the ending until the final bell sounds.

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