Rea's Say: Back To The Graveyard With A Twist

Something unexpected happened during my annual Ohio State-Michigan pilgrimage. Find out what in today's blog entry. There are also lots of OSU-Michigan Tidbits as well as This Week In College Football History, news and notes from Around The Country and an expanded edition of the Fearless Forecast.

Most of you know about my ritual the week before the Ohio State-Michigan game.

I always swear this will be the year I don't do it and somehow my car always seems to wind up driving past that simple two-story white house on Cardiff Road anyway. Then since it's only a mile or so farther north, I head up Olentangy River Road to Union Cemetery.

Most years it's cold and windy or spitting snow but this year was a little different. The ground was wet from intermittent rain all day, and there was a cool breeze blowing from the north, but all in all not bad for a mid-November evening in Columbus. So, I made my annual pilgrimage to Section 12, Lot 37, Space 4 and parked the car near one of the pine trees that shade a simple black granite marker.

I stood there, hands in my coat pockets, staring at the monument and listening to the wind as it rustled through what leaves remained on the nearby maple trees. I looked around at the darkening sky and waited … and waited … and waited.

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